Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING (updated): Ana arrives in Beijing, no fanfare to be found yet

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SIGHTING (updated): Ana arrives in Beijing, no fanfare to be found yet

Ana Ivanovic, who made the decision to compete at the Olympics with a sore thumb, arrived at Beijing International Airport today.

The top-ranked baller seems to have experienced nothing like Rafa's media madness - she navigated through the empty airport and was greeted by a lone Serbian fan.

Where's the crowd people? It's Ana - geesh!

Updated: Thanks to an anonymous reader who sent in a link to this image of the media getting their frenzy on over Ana - now that's what I'm talking about!

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  1. it's pretty wierd that there were no fans...maybe Beijing's guys only like blondes?

  2. theres a video of her getting swarmed by fans. maybe they were late.

  3. Less than Rafa.. but still a little bit claustrophobic, as seen in the following pic!

  4. Dang.

    I would've been there to lick her toes or something.


    IF I was her die hard fan...

  5. oh babz - love it!!!!!

    thanks for the links guys - i'm going to add in the new pic of ana getting mobbed - yay!

  6. Ana was not "greeted by a lone Serbian fan" - that was a lady official from the Serbian Olympic delegation already at the Village, picking Ana up at the airport and greeting her in the area where no media were allowed.

    The two of them then proceeded towards the exit and their official car and only then they were mobbed by media, photographed and interviewed.

    Rafa came through the same procedure - you could see that guy in the red T-shirt that shook Rafa's hand, that's a Spanish official picking him up.

    Both Ana & Rafa looked exhausted and sleep-deprived, poor things, their flights took some 13 hours!

  7. good stuff anon - thanks for the info!

    yeah it's such a quick turnaround for them...

  8. I don't know about you guys, but Ana looks fresh as a button. I would be a ball cap and sunglasses (and definitely not smiling) if I had to do that long 18 hour flight.

  9. yep, she looks fresh, any 20 year old would!


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