Google Down the Line!: Rafa + Fed talk tennis inspiration with Don King at "Grapple in the Apple"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rafa + Fed talk tennis inspiration with Don King at "Grapple in the Apple"

Boxing legend Don King joined Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in New York for Nike's "Grapple in the Apple", an event to celebrate the US Open and one of tennis' great rivalries.

Both ballers posed in their latest Nike duds and then answered questions from the press on their Olympic experiences. But there were no surprises when asked who they turn to for inspiration in the game.

"The Matador of Spin" responded,

Well for me it’s very easy, no? These years, I always have one person in front of me who is better than me in everything. When I look at Roger in front of me all the time, he has a better forehand, a better backhand, better movement…always in front of me.

For his part, "The Magician of Precision" explained,
For me it's been trying to stay on the top. All the challengers I've had over the years. Agassi, Hewitt, Roddick, and now Rafa. I think this is definitely one of the great great rivalries I've ever been in. He is definitely the one who is pushing me the hardest to improve as a player in order to stay ahead of him. He got me in the end, but obviously I'm going to try to get back.
Much respect between these two champs as usual.

Big thanks to Cristina for covering the event and taking these great photos!


  1. Thanks Christina! Very nice pictures indeed.

    I take back what I said about Roger's outfit being dead. The color didn't pop out in the previous pictures. Looking at it like this, really, really nice.

    Loving the humility from both of them - even if it's for show.

  2. *blinks*
    That's the first time I've ever seen Rafa look like a girl (cap sleeves, almost!) Must be the angle the pic was taken.

  3. natch,
    I think it's the way his hair looked in the pic.

  4. Great pics, thanks Cristina! BTW, I love the nicknames: "Matador of Spin" and "Magician of Precision". Sounds like superhero names, hehe.

    I wanna be their female sidekick!!

  5. As for Rafa's new (and apparently controversial :p) outfit - he obviously will be alternating, because I'm currently watching his 1st round match, and he wears his usual kit.

    I gotta say I like that - he's sort of slowly phasing the new look in!

  6. I was just gonna say that, sonja. I have to say, if he does go all preppy and Roger, I will miss those biceps.

    Did anyone watch Wozniak just now? Now, what on earth was she wearing?!?!

  7. Totally, babz. It's like sleeveless shirts were invented solely for his divine body. He's a modern David.
    OK I'm drifting off here... ahem.

    But yeah, hopefully he's gonna mix the looks up a bit.

    Wozniak's dress reminded me a bit of a mixture between negligee and nurse's dress, haha.

  8. LOL sonja ok. Try to pull yourself together, if possible. You're pulling me with you babe.

    Wozniak looked pregnant.. baaaaad dress.

  9. babz, glad you like it! i had a great time at the event.

  10. greats pics cristina. looks like fun :)

  11. *rolling eyes* Can Federer get any more cheesy? And now Nike is dragging poor Nadal down to his level , don't fall for it Rafa! - sheila


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