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Friday, August 29, 2008

Quote of the Day: JJ on her fitness

As long as I'm doing the splits, that means I'm healthy. I'm doing good. When I'm not doing the splits, you know there's something wrong. I'm not too sure about my body. If I go into a split, who knows if I'll come back up, you know?

- Jelena Jankovic on her fitness at the US Open

Power shots, doing splits, taking naps - JJ has all kinds of trickery to throw at her opponents. How could she not win her first Grand Slam this fortnight?

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  1. I'm really hoping she will win. Just have to get her head together. And then she'll really win.

  2. head AND body at this point - those pesky injuries won't go away

  3. I think her style of play does not give her any advantage in today's tennis pace (where everyone are aggressive baseliners). Who was the last counterpuncher to win a grand slam anyway? I think it was Lleyton Hewitt way back in 2000. That was a looooong time ago. :D

  4. I'm sorry but her splits really annoy me.

    Other than that, I do hope she gets herself back together and starts winning big time again - I like her WAY much more than Ana "fist-pumping after every single point" Ivanovic...

  5. @Sonja - glad to hear that somebody else gets annoyed by Ana's fist pumps. haha.

  6. aw i like Ana but i like Jelena a lot more. Jelena doesnt have the fire power that Ana has but she's just way more consistent. i think her splits bring a level of entertainment to tennis that a regular match wouldnt


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