Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Maria and the look-alikes launch some overpriced cameras

Thursday, August 21, 2008

PHOTO OP: Maria and the look-alikes launch some overpriced cameras

Maria Sharapova and her supposed look-alikes joined forces to launch the new Power Shot Diamond Collection and debut her new Canon commericial at South Street Seaport in New York. The new spot features the Russian fashionista with her partner-in-crime, Dolce the dog.

Speaking of fashion, what the hell is this one-shouldered number Maria is working here? I thought she'd want to keep her right shoulder warm, y'know, the one that's injured?? And with her "rehabilitation" looking more like a vacation, her priorities seem to be all screwed up.

But I guess she's laughing all the way to the bank...say cheese!

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  1. Oh Rich, you didnt heard about her arm accident??
    Well, after the great therapy using wakeboarding and other "cool" stuff that can break your arm. They said F%&$ it!! and decide to amputate the arm and put one of those mechanical arms from the "bionic woman" back in 1978.

    The sad part is that after operation they find out they put it in the wrong arm!!

  2. lol - whatever it takes for shrieka to finally start winning again!

  3. Oh, no. The Bionic Woman had NORMAL looking arms. How dare you dis' her like that, uvijek! Lindsay Wagner was my idol! ;)

    Maria just looks like a freak.

  4. ugh so true. the dress is so pretty but she should've said no to the hideous one-arm!

  5. What is the girl on the far left doing???

  6. that dress is from a fairly decent Lanvin fall line, but daaamn she picked one of the ugliest of the bunch and it just does. not. work. looks so flat on her, she needs to at least try and look a bit edgier.

  7. Oh no no no...Im not dissing Lindsay Wagner at all. : ) Her, Linda carter ( wonder woman), and Olivia Newton John were my first example of what a gergeous woman "was" when I was 4 years old : )

  8. All those Shriekas creep me out. Especially the one in the middle with the display dummy arm.

  9. i think it is hard for maria to find clothes...I dont think there are too many women with broad shoulders like her trying to wear high fashion clothing....she should ask Venus how she does it...


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