Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: The Majorcan Multi-tasker downs Viktor in New York

Saturday, August 30, 2008

PHOTO OP: The Majorcan Multi-tasker downs Viktor in New York

Rafael Nadal was spotted multi-tasking during his straight-set win over Serb Viktor Troicki at the US Open today.

Wow - icing his head while downing a banana? The Majorcan Matador sure is talented (watch the innuendos people.)

The men's draw is in serious trouble.

(image via Getty)


  1. Mwahahahaha!!! This is sexy to me in so many ways... I'm so lost...

    BTW, his face is saying: "What?! Yeah, men CAN do two things at a time. Actually three, because right now I'm also opening my water bottle with my toes. And yes, I like my banana, thanks."

  2. Cuuutie pie!

    He's got THE most expressive face.

    But, how can somebody so sweet and dorky be so ferociously sexy??!

  3. He could've shaved first!!!!

  4. "He could've shaved first!!!!"

    are you talking face, pits, or both?

  5. >>Wow - icing his head while downing a banana? <<

    Who HASN'T done that?! ;)

    Rafa's red pants look fantastic, and Fed's gray really pops on court (too bad it doesn't on tv). I hope Fed gets through Stepanek. Gotta say, though, I would rather watch Fed lose now rather than see him lose to Rafa again. The only way Rafa loses this slam is if all of us who are obsessed with him storm the court and...disable...him from playing tennis.

    What a tourney so far! I can't wait for the men's match-ups tomorrow!

  6. HAHAHA Rich, valid question. Normally I'd say shaving armpits is a MUST, but I couldn't quite imagine Rafa doing it... Maybe it's his raw, manly magnetism... o_O

    Which brings me to: natch, what exactly did you have in mind when "disabling" Rafa? Can I join? :-)

  7. Oh, what a flattering picture...=/

  8. My Rafa eats the fruit for the potassium to prevent leg cramps. And he know how to keep cool, too. Ice on head and running cold water on wrists. If you l-oo-k closely you'll see that he is recently crowned #1 in the world, so he is doing something right, no?


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