Google Down the Line!: Nole rolls ankle - but what else could be bugging him?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nole rolls ankle - but what else could be bugging him?

Novak Djokovic managed to pass his first round test at the US Open but not without some battle scars.

Last year's finalist looked strong in dismissing Frenchie veteran Arnaud Clement 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 but rolled his ankle during the match. Nole told the press all will be fine with it saying,

Well, the [ankle is] okay. It's going to be good in two days, I'm sure. After that happened, I was thinking more of it than I was really actually feeling the pain, so it's not really a big deal. But in that certain moment, I felt big pain, so I just had to tape the ankle.

But it's going to be all right.

I guess we'll all see how the Serb recovers in his next match, but the ankle issue coupled with a rumored stomach problem aren't great signs for Nole.

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  1. I'm disappointed. I expected you people to put a photo of Laryn Franco who was in first row cheering on him and story behind it and not this. This is hardly down the line. :D

  2. maybe some other 'thing' on his mind. In a belgian newspaper i read this morning that he's spending a lot of time with the paraguyan sporter leryn franco...
    see article via this link (it's in dutch but there are also 2 photo's)

    what will maria think about this ? :-)

  3. anon - LOL, that was covered during the olympics. i haven't seen any images of her at the Open but if you see one send it my way:

    isa - if you find any images of them together during the open or her send it over...thanks for the link!

  4. hi rich, just mailed you 2 pictures via

    see you !


  5. picture of them togethter was taken in the olympic village !



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