Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: (Updated) Sharapova to reportedly skip US Open due to injury - season just about over

Friday, August 1, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: (Updated) Sharapova to reportedly skip US Open due to injury - season just about over

After announcing her withdrawal from the Olympics yesterday, it looks like Maria Sharapova will also be skipping the US Open due to the nagging shoulder injury. The news comes from an anonymous US Open official who didn't want their name revealed since Shrieka hasn't officially confirmed the withdrawal.

All in all, I say it's a very smart move. In fact, the Russian should close down shop and not come out until next year or, at the very least, the WTA Championships if she qualifies. She needs a good amount of down time to recover.

Happy healing Shrieka...

UPDATE: Maria posted the following update on her website confirming her withdrawal from the US Open -

Well my 24 hour medical tour came to an end yesterday after I met with Dr. David Altchek who is the premier shoulder doctor in the world. He looked at all my tests from April and today and informed me that I have been playing with a moderate tear in my rotator cuff tendon since April. He actually couldn't believe that I've been playing this long with this injury. You can imagine that I was not very thrilled to hear that my medical team did not see this tear in my shoulder back in April.

The good news is that it didn't get much worse since April but we could have started the healing time back then instead of now.

He does not believe that I need surgery and is sending me to work with a specialist in Arizona next week to do extensive rehab and strength work and he believes that I should be ready to play in 2-3 months. It hurts me so much to miss the Olympics and the US Open, you have no idea, just to type those words hurt!! I think this will be the first grand slam I have ever missed.

Now I need to move forward and stay positive. I am going to work hard to get healthy. I am going to do some extra work for my amazing sponsors who are always patient with me while I am playing tournaments and training. And I'm going to work on some business projects that I never have time to do, which will definitely keep me busy.

Once I'm healthy, I'm sure I'll look at this as a blessing in disguise. Right now it's a bit painful of course, but every athlete goes through these patches and I'm just grateful that this isn't as bad as it could have been.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your support. Will give you another update in a week or so....

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  1. Ugh. I guess I'll have to stalk Mirka now...

  2. Rich, you brought up the idea of the players writing their own blogs, what do you think about Maria's "doodles"?

    I get the vibe that that is her writing, maybe with some editing.

  3. i agree - i think she writes her own doodles because they're not wordsmithed to death.

    it seems she writes the way she speaks - with probably some editing of course.

    i wonder who's guilty on the tours of not actually writing theirs or even dictating their own thoughts to someone.

    any guesses?

  4. Off the top of my head...I think, and hope, that Ana dictates her blog, because it usually sounds like a 5th grade book report.

  5. I used to like her, but i don't care for Shara any more. She's a huge marketing machine and quite a snob these days. I hope she doesn't play in US Open, so i don't have to hear
    her shrieks anymore. And there are lots of other great Russian players I'd rather see play.

  6. i'm pretty shocked that people don't consider dictation to be really writing......

    Not only has Rafa always been clear about it (he dictates in spanish and then someone else translates)..... if that doesn't really count as writing then a lot of people (including published authors, reporters, lawyers, judges etc etc) are not really writing....

    James Blake's blog (last time I saw it was ages ago, mind you) was definitely and obviously ghost written and quite the turn off

    Maria's sure sound like her, although I agree with the editing.... for some reason I would expect her to make spelling/grammatical errors

  7. b -

    you bring up a very interesting point here. it's a tough call honestly. on the one hand you have a person creating the thoughts and someone transcribing/editing and on the other someone who does both.

    are they both writing? i would think so...

    but the question here is: would it bother you if you found out someone else was completely writing the blog for a baller? i say yeah.

    i guess derek jeter has a blog that doesn't really sound much like him.

  8. That's a great point b and I agree with your point about how essential dictation is for literature and other forms of media, however, with a blog, I think it defeats the purpose!

    I think blogs by their very definition (or at least as they are culturally understood) are a personal reflection, a diary of sorts written by an indiviual. So yeah, I think it cheapens a fan's experience when someone else is translating thoughts into words making it a collobrative effort.

    I mean, isn't half the fun of reading a blog being able to get inside someone else's head and experience life from their point of view, however crazy or grammatically incorrect?



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