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Sunday, August 31, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Nole denies relationship with Leryn - life can go on now

Apparently those pesky rumors about Novak Djokovic and his Olympic romance with Paraguay's javelin thrower Leryn Franco are not true.

After his second round win against American baller Robert Kendrick at the US Open the Serb denied the rumors telling the press,

Yes, I've heard that this has been the main subject in the papers, and I've heard that even they showed it on the TV two days ago when I played my first match, so I'm denying this, and I'm saying that we don't have a romance like people call it already. I even heard that she's here, so it's kind of strange, because I would be the first to know, probably.

Yeah, the papers are probably trying to make another scandal of it, you know. Another romance. This is part of my life, and I have to accept it like this, but we know each other, that's true, and we met, and then she came to watch my matches, but there is nothing more than friendship.
Okay Nole I wouldn't exactly say your girlfriend merry-go-round was the big headline in the New York media - the presidential election and other global matters might have bumped you off the top...might.

But in any case, I guess Maria Sharapova still has a chance. Go for it Shrieka!

P.S. Thanks to Isa for the image.


  1. Nole probably wants this to be big news that's why he's talking about it but really who cares who he's dating? Especially if she isn't famous?

  2. Why WOULD Nole want this to be big news? I wish everyone would just stop spreading rumours and leave Novak and Jelena in peace.

  3. I'm pretty sure Novak is talking about the serbian newspapers, Einstein. Plus the commentators said it was in page six so his comments seem to make sense.

  4. Oh come on Nole, you SO did her. LOL

  5. sonja: i believe him when he says they don't have a "romance". he's right - one night stands aren't romances!

  6. Hehe, that is very true. He really thought this through...

  7. doesn't nole have a girlfriend - that girl JELENA who used to watch him at his matches? did they split up already?

  8. yeah he's been with her for a while but he keeps getting "caught" hanging with different women like leryn and maria - i'm sure he loves the drama.

  9. He is kind of a drama queen!

    Poor girl - she sits at home in Belgrade watching all that Maria & Nole fuzz from afar. I guess Xisca doesn't have such problems...

    And BTW: the thought of Maria and Nole makes me puke. It's so cliché.

  10. "And BTW: the thought of Maria and Nole makes me puke. It's so cliché."

    - for sure those sightings are all about getting PR. so who am i to deny nole + maria some press???

  11. LOL. That's quite alright. I generally love invented, odd affairs!

    Although my fave couple is Fedrinka at the moment, hehe.


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