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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Allegations of drug abuse, violence, and neglect surround Shriver + Lazenby divorce

The pending divorce and custody battle between Hall of Famer and ESPN correspondent Pam Shriver and former James Bond George Lazenby is getting downright nasty. The estranged couple married in 2002 and have three children together: 4-year old Georgie and 2-year old twins Katie and Sammy.

Shriver has accused Lazenby of abuse, threats of violence towards her, anti-Semitism, and even offering their children beer. Lazenby recently submitted papers to a Los Angeles court leveling all sorts of accusations including drug addiction and physical abuse and questioned Shriver's parenting skills saying,

I have great concerns about Petitioner's [Shriver] habitual consumption of prescription painkillers, Ambien sleeping pills and rum or vodka each night and during the day.

When I have expressed my grave concern to Petitioner about her combining Ambien with alcohol, she flew into a rage and attempted to justify her addiction by claiming she has debilitating migraines and shoulder pain.

I have observed Petitioner wake up on many mornings in a stupor from her nightly cocktail.

Petitioner is in no condition to drive in the morning. I have seen Petitioner be drowsy and dizzy, with difficulties in coordination.

I have warned Petitioner on numerous occasions to refrain from transporting our children in the car when she is in such a state.

Petitioner has confessed to me that she has memory blackouts.

Petitioner has rarely been alone with our children, and when she is alone with them she is constantly checking her Blackberry.

Petitioner has never been without the help of her nannies. She cannot tolerate the presence of all three children at once.

She does not know how to handle them and is easily irritated and annoyed by them.

Lazenby even remarked he witnessed "deep fingernail marks" on Georgie's right thigh which Shriver explained as a pinch mark for misbehavior.

Can this divorce get any uglier? I guess it's possible. You just never know what goes on behind closed doors...

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  1. if she's alone with the children, how does lazenby know that she's constantly checking her blackberry?

  2. Wow, if waking up in a stupor is a crime, I'd be on death row by now. And since when is rum in the afternoon a bad thing?

    Seriously, it is strange when someone's home life is made public (I had no idea Pam was married to such a weirdo in the first place!) I just hope the kids do alright.

  3. i know FF - i'm like one of the wine-drinking soccer moms sans the kids. so basically a lush! shameless...

    seriously, it's surprising how much detail went public. i feel for the kids too.

  4. Wow! Shocking, disturbing...yet I cannot look away.

    This blurb alone makes you worthy of that award mentioned above! *goes off to vote*

  5. oh wow, but may be that will keep her away from commenting in the tournaments, because she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about most of the time.. i cant' believe she actually played tennis ..a 100 years ago.


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