Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: The mystery behind the Matador's missing Nike gear revealed!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FASHION FIX: The mystery behind the Matador's missing Nike gear revealed!

The mystery behind Rafael Nadal's new, but missing, Nike gear during his first round match has been solved!

Thanks to DtL reader eesha for tipping me off to this Wall St. Journal article which discusses the disappearance of his duds yesterday.

Here's the explanation straight from the Matador's mouth:

I am excited about evolving my on-court apparel with Nike to a polo and shorter-length short. For the U.S. Open, however, we collectively decided I would continue wearing the apparel I've been competing in all year. It's a decision we made based on the limited time I've had to practice in the new apparel between the Olympics and the U.S. Open.
The article also mentions Rafa is "ready to bid farewell to the adolescent muscle T-shirts and Capri-style pants that had garnered nearly as much renown as his lightning strokes and adopt a more traditional tennis look."

Okay die-hards. You still have your tried-and-true Rafa for one more major. Enjoy it while it lasts...

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  1. He's so particular. Does what you wear really have that much affect on your game? What he needs to concentrate on is getting rid of his constant habit of pulling his pants out of his arse.


  2. >>It's a decision we made based on the limited time I've had to practice in the new apparel between the Olympics and the U.S. Open.<<

    Please. Rafa saw all the hate comin' his way from the posts here. ;)

    Rafa, the shorts are an improvement, but they are NOT short enough. Think 80's/early 90's Courier.

  3. LOL natch. I like the shorts long though.

    I would think, yes, what players wear can affect their performance. We all like to be comfortable, and how are we supposed to do that if we're not used to something? One person can be more particular than the other I'm sure, but a little OCD in this area is not "crazy".

    Some women are able to sleep wearing a bra, some aren't.

    What I'd like to find out is, how does he make that polo look so.. relaxed? ROckin'? Street? He manages to still look "wild" in that "traditional" getup. Oy.

  4. I don't think he'll ever change! He's way to superstitious/OCD. Just keep putting off those Nike execs, Rafa, they can't make you play in no stinkin' sleeves.

  5. Picking ass sucks.

  6. Oh stop it with the ass picking already - after all it's his ass, and he can do with it whatever he wants LOL.
    But as I mentioned before, I would apply for that job right away... o_O

    Thanks for solving the mystery anyway, Rich and eesha!
    I've made my peace with the new look, and babz is right: he does manage to make even this classy outfit look street. I guess it's the colours, esp. with the bandana. It really is his style, and I agree that he should be comfortable, that's all.

    After all, he's been wearing the pirate look since he was a teenager. I can image he wants a change. I certainly don't wear the same look anymore as when I was 18.

  7. "I certainly don't wear the same look anymore as when I was 18."

    - Me too Sonja. I gave up my "ode to Depeche Mode" look years ago.

  8. Um...I just play. I don't need to 'adjust' to a new polo shirt. I pull it out of the package, and put it on. But he's currently The Man, so whatever.

  9. i think it's mostly his superstition (though of course he denies it) that kept him from trying out something new in the middle of a winning season.

    anyway, now that we (read: I) know he'll definitely be changing his style in a few months, we're now more...prepared...for it. see, i'm even liking the orange+blue combination already!!!

  10. I did such a double take when he came out on court without the orange! lol

  11. Rich: Haaaaa!! you need to keep playing tennis with the Depeche Mode look!! Well, maybe to hot to wear black shirt in middle of the day : )

    Ok...this topic is funny for me...."such big decisions"!!....If Rafa go back to #2..that means he will be back to pirate???

    Aaaaannnnd Moya its 30 something and Blake 28....and still using sleveless....Did that means they havent mature enough??
    "welcome to the twilight zone!!" "ninuninu ninuninu ninuninu"

  12. Uvijek: hahahaha! it would be my version of darth federer...

    yeah i know ballers are very particular about everything to do with their games but it does seem a little dramatic. but it is what it is. good point about moya and blake though.

    as i've said before - what a strange tennis world we live in!

  13. The only direct, no-marketing-BS answer from Rafa regarding this new outfit conundrum came in his Q&A in a Spanish paper yesterday: a fan asked him directly and he said simply that it didn't work out, because it was not comfortable enough.

    He was seen in his new getup not only during his pre-tourny pressers and promo things, but also at several practice sessions (so he did TRY to get used to it). It was noticed he was grumpier than usual, those tight sleeves got slighlty rolled up because he couldn't towel off his arms as normal, the collar got all wrinkled and tangled up with his hair. Shirt became a mess very quickly. Shorts looked OK but too stiff.

    This combo is definitely something for an off-court, freshly-showered Rafa, NOT for him sweating and waging war on court.

    He was visibly uncomfortable. A serious player cannot afford to constantly think about his freaking outfit while on court, like he's some Bethanie Mattek!

    And I'm not even talking here about style (too preppy) or a serious footfault in marketing: if it ain't broke...


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