Google Down the Line!: Diamonds are a girl's best friend - just ask Asia

Monday, August 25, 2008

Diamonds are a girl's best friend - just ask Asia

Ladies, gentlemen, and those in between - please meet the stunning Asia Muhammad, a junior standout from Andre Agassi's Las Vegas Academy. Asia is making her pro debut at the US Open today. Congrats!

And what prize does a 17-year old get on the biggest day of her newborn professional tennis career? Why a pink Prince racquet adorned with her initial "A" made out of $1,750 worth of diamonds above her grip:

How fancy. But word to the wise: you're in the bright lights of New York - watch your back...and your racquet!

(image via Getty)


  1. I love Asia. She's been singled out by Andre and Steffi as being the next great US star. Too bad she lost today. But the future's still bright.

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