Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) "Beefcake" Rafa officially moves into ATP penthouse, featured in New York magazine's Fall Fashion issue

Monday, August 18, 2008

(UPDATED) "Beefcake" Rafa officially moves into ATP penthouse, featured in New York magazine's Fall Fashion issue

After his golden triumph in Beijing this weekend, Rafael Nadal officially moved into the penthouse of the ATP Tour today rising to world no. 1 after a record 160 weeks in the second position.

I think it'll take a moment to get used to the order but no other baller is as deserving of the top position as the Majorcan Matador.

And, in honor of the US Open and his rise to the top, New York magazine is featuring a sexed-up Rafa in "The Beefcake in the Backcourt" for this week's Fall Fashion 2008 issue.

The mag discusses the above right image saying,

Take your time. It’s okay. That photo of Rafael Nadal on the back cover of this magazine is undeniably … what’s a polite way to put it? Arresting. The mussed locks curled just so above the shoulders. The biceps curved like a particularly ripe aubergine. The shadows playing across the deeply grooved abs. All demand extended scrutiny.

When you’re done, ask yourself this: Would Roger Federer ever pose for a photo like that?
Most definitely not and I don't know if I'd want him to! New York also delves into Rafa's boundary-pushing on-court fashions saying,
And now here’s Nadal. His has been called a “pirate” look, but the interesting thing about Nadal’s style is that it’s so feminine—a thinner, less physical player could not pull off those clothes. Maybe that’s why he’s been greeted with the kind of moral outrage—“Abominable!” “Infernal!”—usually reserved for the latest female player to show too much skin. Debate over the pants in particular, and Nadal’s habit of reaching back to loosen them between points, has trespassed on the familiar terrain of comfort versus sex appeal. Are they too tight? Is it one of his many elaborate on-court rituals (Nadal’s own explanation)? Or are his butt muscles just too big?
I'd say all the above - and aren't we all lucky for it.

Check out more on tennis' influence on fashion over the years.

Thanks to Preppy Princess for the NY mag tip!

(image via ATP, NY mag image courtesy of Nigel Parry)


  1. seeing those numbers in print was the most beautiful thing. I hope he woke up with the world's biggest smile today! He's worked hard enough for it.

  2. Greatest NO. 1 of the centuryAugust 18, 2008 at 9:54 AM

    Great to have Rafa as no. 1! Happy days are here again!

  3. Congratulations to Rafa! He certainly earned the Number One ranking from Rogi. Well-deserved.

    As for the photo shoot - *sigh* - oh well.

    If there was even a tiny, infinitesimal chance of there NOT being a riot when Rafa got here to NYC, that’s pretty much been obliterated, hasn’t it?

  4. The biceps curved like a particularly ripe aubergine."

    Images. Images in my head.

    "Are they too tight?"

    WHY they're too tight is the question.. Oh boy.

    This is a great day for me. At last! May I just say that I think he deserves all this. The number 1, the ATP's tribute.. I don't think Roger can lose his ranking to a better man. To me, both are two of the greatest athletes in modern era. Congrats Rafa. All the best for the future.

  5. This is like a public holiday for me. Finally Rafa has earned the prize for all his hard work. What a great champion. :))))

    And those pictures..... HOLY CRAP! o_O
    How the heck am I supposed to sleep tonight? Or ever again?
    ....want to be..... that Nike shirt.....

    And I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that there's a woman who can touch the ripe aubergine biceps and the deeply grooved abs. Aaaahhhh I'm so green with envy LOL.

    But anyway, Rich, you made my WEEK.

  6. alright sonja - and it's only monday! good times!!

  7. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! love the pics...and how is it possible he still looks like a nice guy? ie not full of himself and knows he's hot as hell?!!
    must have been a very happy day for him to wake up this morning...much congratulations to him. now the US open crown!

  8. I think I've lost the ability to articulate.
    Must have something to do with dissolving into a puddle of drool.

  9. mereana, that is so true. Nothing's hotter than a guy who doesn't know he's hot! Gotta love Rafa... :)

  10. Wow, aren't all these happening at the right time, right moment? World no.1, Olympic gold and a hot cover! It's all in the name of passion and hard work! Congrats, Rafa!

  11. Sexy Rafa! And yet able to laugh about it. Even sexier.

    Photos are unable to capture his sexiest feature - his walk. He prowls like a panther, hips firm and forward, legs relaxed, shoulders slightly rolling. He's naturally upright yet soft and gliding.

    Unlike some who jerk their legs at each step with whole body stiff (Federer) or who drag legs and tilt upper body & head sideways (Safin).

    Rafa is truly sex on legs. Slo-mo of his walk is heavenly.

  12. that is some serious rafa breakdown anon - LOVE IT.

  13. Well, what can I say? Experience taught me the importance of man's walk - those who walk sexy are good in bed, to put it simply.

    Safin may seem sexy, but such walkers make you feel like being repeatedly whacked with a heavy paddle. Not what is required.

  14. Last anonymous, you wish you knew how Safin is in bed! Let's leave the sexy walk to Rafa, because Safin has the rest!

  15. I love the post about his walk. Prowls like a panther. That is so true.

    And I especially love the shots from behind, when you can see how his shoulder blades move against the fabric of his shirt while he walks (apart from the obvious beauty of his backside).

    Oh lordy, I need to rest now...


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