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Monday, August 4, 2008

BALLER BLOGS: Rest and relaxation for Venus, restrooms for Serena

The Sisters Sledge have been preparing for their journeys to Beijing for this week's Olympic Games. But before they took off today, Venus + Serena made sure to blog about their recent activities including training, off-court activities and, for ReRe, more personal "issues."

V has been resting + relaxing at home after suffering a "minor knee injury" that forced her out of the summer US hardcourt swing, but she's eager to get to the Chinese city:

The last two weeks have been very simple: I’ve just been taking care of my body, resting away from the court for a few days and then preparing myself for the weeks ahead. I had a minor knee issue that made this time off even more critical and I am doing much better now. It was a fast two weeks but I am looking forward to going to Beijing.
The Olympics is one of those experiences that every athlete lives for. It is also great to be there with Serena and the other American players that I have gotten to know over the years. In past years, I have traded pins, hung out in the Olympic Village and really immersed myself in the Olympic spirit and I’m sure I will do some of that again this year. But I’m feeling like somewhat of an Olympic veteran - its hard to believe this will be my third Olympics! Anyways, I’m off..wish me luck.
The Wimbledon champ did, however, have some time to shoot an episode of the show "Iconoclasts" for the Sundance Channel with music artist Wyclef Jean, trading tennis lessons for some on his:
I filmed an episode for the Sundance Channel Show, “Iconoclasts”, with Wyclef Jean. He is really a great guy and we had a ball hanging out together for the day. He gave me a guitar lesson and I gave him a tennis lesson. I don’t know what he will say about my guitar-playing ability, but for a guy who had never picked up a tennis racquet before, I was very impressed with his tennis! We did the guitar lesson at one of the popular LA music studios. It was not overly elaborate but you could tell this is the place where artists come to focus and get the job done. During my guitar lesson, TI walked into the studio and it turns out he was recording with Justin Timberlake in the room next door. In an ironic way, this felt like the music equivalent of the practice courts at a major tournament.
Sister ReRe has been leaning more towards beach time with some training thrown in for good measure. But all did not go as planned for the former no. 1 on a recent trip to the beach:
For an embarrassing story the day I did go to the beach I had to go to the bathroom really bad, and I ran to the bathroom forgetting that my phone was in my back pocket, well needless to say it fell in the toilet, and I did not see it until… well lets just say I was really relieved that I did not have to do the number two!!!!! OMG I was so embarrassed and not only that, they always tell you to back up your info, and back up your contacts on your compuer, and I actually DID back up my contacts on the computer. BUT I backed them up in MAY. So for the past 3 months I did not back anything up, and all the extra contacts, ( all the “summer” contacts) were lost.
Okay TMI. But I'm confused - if she's at the beach then presumably she's wearing a bikini. So either the bikini has back pockets (weird) or she's sticking the phone somewhere else less comfortable. Either way, that's gross - her writing included.

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  1. Oh, Serena. Baby sister be nutso.

  2. Maybe she was wearing hot pants (which would explain why the phone would fall out so easily)?? Either way, I did not enjoy that story...eeek.

  3. WHY tell that story to anyone???!??!

    UGH grossssssss.


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