Google Down the Line!: Jelena to grab top ranking - but is she really smiling?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jelena to grab top ranking - but is she really smiling?

Either Jelena Jankovic has split personalities (very possible), is a good actress (questionable) or the WTA Tour's PR people got hold of the stuttering Serb (likely) because she's singing a different tune about her rise to the top ranking next Monday.

JJ has been vocal all season about her belief that the top ranking is essentially meaningless without a Grand Slam title and she repeated these thoughts after her defeat to Montreal finalist Dominika Cibulkova last week:

It doesn't matter, the first ranking. I want to be healthy. I don't really think about number one. If it's going to happen, it will happen but at the moment I don't deserve that spot. I am not in the best shape.
But according to her recent blog post JJ couldn't be happier and is looking forward to her stint in the penthouse:
Let's start with good news. A press release went out today that when the next rankings come out on August 11th I will be the world�s next number one! For me this is a childhood dream come true. In fact I think I am still living the dream � it is difficult to believe that it is a reality and I think the news is still sinking in. To have my name added along side a select few of tennis greats who have achieved a number 1 ranking status is a real honor and I will do my very best to represent the position well to do those who have come before me proud.
I have been pretty consistent over the last 12 months and finally, a lot of my hard work is paying off. Although I am really happy, I hope to continue business as usual and I want to continue to be a good ambassador for the sport. Of course, I want to share this victory with you, my fans, because I truly could not have reached this level without you � so thank you!
I think JJ's been playing it down because she knows there'll be a big, nasty asterisk next to her name which means even more pressure - and we know how well she deals with that monster.

But the Tour's flacks performed damage control and got to her once it became inevitable she would get the top ranking. Either way, she'll be world no. 1 - whether she likes it or not.

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  1. You have to feel for JJ a little bit (just a little). That asterisk isn't her fault, but it will weigh heavily on her. Then again, if she wanted to prove everyone wrong she would take some time off, heal up, and go into a Grand Slam, rested, fit, and healthy.

    Unless she doesn't think she can actually win one even if she's fit. Hmmmm...

  2. She doesn't deserve that!!!!

  3. even though it seems like JJ being number one indicates a problem with the system, we have to remember the situation only exists because of the void Henin's premature retirement created. taking the true #1 out of the system allowed a seemingly undeserving player to clinch the spot.

  4. true - justine is to blame this time around. but this has happened before when there wasn't a dominant lady baller on the tour and a road runner played a lot of tourneys and grabbed the top spot.

    the part of the point system i don't under stand is when a baller defends a title especially a Grand Slam title and they only get to keep the points they earned the year before - wtf?! they should get tons of points for winning the Slam again...they still have to win seven matches in a row just like anyone else.

    how does that make any sense? it's like they're not really getting credit in the system for being the best in the tourney (well besides the huge pay day.)

  5. This whole WTA number 1 situation is just ridiculous. Dinara, go!

    Rich, I agree. Players should earn the same point as everybody else when they win a title, more so if it's the 2nd time.


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