Google Down the Line!: Ana surprised by wacky welcome, thumb still hurting

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ana surprised by wacky welcome, thumb still hurting

Ana Ivanovic just wrote her first blog from Beijing and the world no. 1 discussed the media maelstrom she encountered when entering the Chinese capital:

This is my first trip to China and I was amazed by how many people were waiting at the airport to welcome athletes. I’ve never seen so many supporters and photographers before, it was crazy!
The sexy Serb also revealed the right thumb she injured in Montreal has yet to heal and has prevented Ana from fully preparing:
Unfortunately my thumb is still painful and I cannot practice. I am still having laser treatment on it, but it’s very frustrating, not being able to prepare as I would like. I just hope it heals very soon.
Oh no - this is definitely not good news for Ana. It seems the injury is worse than originally suspected and will definitely hurt her chances for a medal. Stay tuned...

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