Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Fed is truly invincible, at least for Olympics TV ad

Thursday, July 17, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Fed is truly invincible, at least for Olympics TV ad

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has released a new TV ad starring a number of Olympic hopefuls, including Roger Federer, in a spot promoting the Beijing Games.

The "Heroes" ad, part of the larger "Best of Us" Olympic marketing campaign, was inspired by the film "300" and features runner Haile Gebrselassie, the NBA's Yao Ming, Fed and others playing mythic Greek heroes.

The top-ranked Swiss takes on the "Invincible Man" who is seen soaking wet and airborne wielding a golden racquet.

The ad will appear internationally by all broadcasters who have the rights to the Olympics.

Check it:


  1. "you give us your best..."

    Hmm. I guess this was done before the Roland Garros final...

  2. Ouch! low punch

  3. it's funny cuz it's true...

  4. The USTA should be taking notes on the commercial. The new Olympus US Open Series commercials look god awful.

  5. I'm not a Fed hater, but..

    Is he still "invincible"?

  6. most definitely not babz but i'm sure this was made a while back.

  7. These sports promos, Olympics ads totally make me melt. THIS IS the most wonderful time of the excited.

  8. me too t - i enjoy every moment from the opening ceremonies until the end.

    it's truly special.


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