Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Venus gets glamorous for 16th annual ESPY Awards

Thursday, July 17, 2008

SIGHTING: Venus gets glamorous for 16th annual ESPY Awards

Book-writing Venus Williams was spotted on the press line for the 16th annual ESPY Awards looking incredibly stylish in a black sequined empire waist dress and bejeweled heels.

Roger Federer earned his fourth straight award for best male tennis baller while Maria "Shriek"apova won her second straight ESPY for best female tennis baller, though neither one made showed up to collect their trophy.


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  1. Did Jamie Foxx appear again singing "I want to be your tennis ball"??

    That was hilarious..

  2. For what reason did Shriekapova deserve to win this popularity contest this time?

  3. i was thinking the same think anon b/c she didn't win a slam last year and in fact got crushed and/or embarrassed at each one.

    justine was in the category - the deserving winner. but i guess she doesn't look so great on a red (isn't it black) carpet or on TV. whatevs.

  4. Watched Venus today on Larry King Live...

    She's so cool and normal for a top athlete.

    Love her...


  5. God that's so lame that Maria won for best female baller. She was embarassing at the US Open last year.

  6. Delurking to say "bravo" for Rogi. And throw flowers.

    Rafa also received an award - Best International Male Athlete.

    I'll say.

  7. Oh, BTW -

    I am dying to know because she continues to look soooo fab --

    would anyone happen to know who Venus' Pilates instructor is??

    Seriously, give.

    Because if I ever thought I looked that good in a dress like that one day, I think I would wear it for the rest of my life.


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