Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Tati looks to revive game, practices at Nick Bollettieri Academy

Monday, July 14, 2008

SIGHTING: Tati looks to revive game, practices at Nick Bollettieri Academy

Tatiana Golovin seems to have put her persistent injury woes and boyfriend merry-go-round behind her at least for now.

The Frenchie baller, who hasn't played a match since losing in the first round of Berlin in May, was spotted getting her practice on at the Nick Bollettieri Academy recently.

Let's hope Tati can get her game and focus back on track.

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  1. Why did Tatiana and Mats Wilander split up?

  2. tristan, she told l'Equipe back in nov '07:

    “The problem with Mats is that he has no desire to work with me in Paris, or in Florida, or to follow me in tournaments."

    I guess you can't have a coach that doesn't want to coach!

  3. Im pretty sure Mats said the same..." I guess i dont want a tennis player that doesnt want to play"

    I like Golovin, but the girl its too much a party girl. She remind me the Argentine player like Nalbandian...a lot of talent,but no motivation.

    You can see her in the wtaforum ( pics section) smoking cigarrets while hanging with friends.
    Good luck

  4. ahhh - nice call anon. she may be living the good life before she's even earned it yet!

  5. Yeap rich, something like that.

    But im sure that if she put a lot of input in this season she would be close to the top 10 again.

    Well, I like all the girls in the wta circut, so which that all of them do good.

    By the way ( long time reader and second time writing) good job with the blog.


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