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Thursday, July 10, 2008

SIGHTING: It's Rafa, Rafa and more Rafa

Let the stalker-atting begin!

After snatching the prestigious Wimbledon title last weekend, Rafael Nadal has become THE sports celebrity of the moment with Rafa sightings filling the blogosphere like no other.

So on his much deserved vacation, the Mallorcan Matador was spotted frolicking with girlfriend Xisca on the beaches of his beloved hometown.

Then, Rafa and Uncle Toni were seen hitting the greens at a course in Mallorca with the 5-time Grand Slammer driving the golf cart and looking pretty in Nike pink.

And although some have begun questioning whether Rafa has what it takes to become a marketing machine a la Roger Federer or Maria "Shriek"apova, I honestly don't think he'd want to give up his lifestyle for a few more measly sponsorship obligations.

And looking at these pictures, would you?

(Correction: Thanks to an anonymous reader tip about Rafa's golfing partner in the picture. It's his other uncle Miguel Angel.)

(images via just jared, gossip girls)


  1. *sigh* I hate that they stalk him on vacation. He gives so very much of himself to the media all tour, he should be allowed some time to himself. (Not that those aren't very nice photos! But still.)

    That article is disgusting. Rafa's English has come a long way. And why does he need to change a thing to become more marketable?! I've been to Nike stores in Spain: he's perfectly marketable. Markets here are just ignorant if you ask me. They shouldn't want to change him and mold him into something he's not. It's not about the bottom dollar for him and you know what, that's one attribute that makes him even more marketable in my opinion: Heart.

    As a side note, I think that the folks at the US Open need to work harder to embrace international players and fans.

  2. i guess when you get to his level of success, you have to take the good with the bad.

    but i couldn't agree with you more with regards to that bloomberg article. rafa seems more than comfortable with everything he's achieved and with what he currently has on his plate. at least for now, the opportunities will have to fit his life and not the reverse. who knows what will happen in the future, but i don't think his perspective will change.

    i have a lot of respect for him for choosing his life first before the bottom line.

  3. I think even after his big hero's welcome in Manacor, his humbleness will not change. And I absolutely love that. He could be on a global world-gloating tour if he wanted to be right now. But he's out golfing. :)

  4. All I have to say is ANOTHER SHOT OF HIS LEGS! I'm not used to seeing them from the knee up. But I do enjoy.

  5. Just one little correction: Rafa's uncle Toni (his coach) doesn't play golf. That's Miguel Angel (the other uncle, former footballer) in the blue T and white cap by the golf cart.

    Rafa and Miguel Angel always play golf together for fun and even at some semi-professional events. Sergio Garcia was quoted to say that Rafa's game is pretty decent, so maybe he can turn to golf when he becomes penniless due to his insufficient marketability!

  6. thanks for the correction anon 2:07 - noted!

    they're certainly dead ringers for each other...

  7. I'm also not happy with the intrusive stalker photography...


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