Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Ana's tini-wini orange bikini on display during Mallorcan vacation

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SIGHTING: Ana's tini-wini orange bikini on display during Mallorcan vacation

Ana Ivanovic and Rafael Nadal have a lot in common these days: matching French Open crowns, love of Rafa's home of Mallorca and now, apparently, the island's infamous stalkeratti!

Rafa was the recent victim of the camera-toting peepsters and now it seems they've switched their lenses over to the sexy Serb. Ana was spotted poolside looking super fit and super hot (though the same can't be said for some others in the group) as she grabbed some well earned R+R with coach Sven Groenefeld, physio Scott Byrnes and the family.

The world no. 1 recently blogged about her time on the island paradise saying,

I’ve just left Mallorca. I came here for both a holiday and to prepare for the hard court season. It was a memorable trip.

I know Mallorca a little bit from my junior days – I used to go there to train with my coach at the time, Erik Van Harpen. I actually won my first ever senior tournament there.

I love beaches and warm weather, so it was the perfect destination after the long season in Europe ended. It gave me the opportunity to relax, reflect on what I’ve achieved and look forward to the next part of the season, which will also be very busy!

As well as exploring some of the secluded areas of the island by taking boat rides, I tried some of the local delicacies like gazpacho, paella and tapas. What I remember most vividly is the beautiful turquoise colour of the sea and the pure white sand.
Seriously, could Mallorca be the 21st century version of Fantasy Island? Ricardo Mantalban, be proud...

(images via via forty deuce)


  1. what the heck? Did they climb a fence to get those?!

  2. maybe the magical island's stalkeratti can fly?

  3. the pics are super creepy. they totally look like they were taken from behind trees.

    welcome to the big time, ana and rafa!

  4. I always think she has something going on with her physio scott. They look like they should be getting it on. Nice to see Ana's hot brother out in the sun aswell. <3

  5. Doesn't look like fun.

  6. I don't know about the AI/Byrnesy thing. He looks way more into his tan than Ana in those pics. And I'm no straight guy, but I would think that if she was in a tini bikini only 3 feet from you, your tan would be the last thing on your mind.

  7. She is just a young girl. But she should be more carefull with the sun. Working in the sun and also relaxing in the sun. Might happen that she looks with 30 like 60.

  8. She's so wonderfully ordinary.

  9. zika--

    It's so true, that's why she's my favorite! She keeps my whole dream alive of still being able to improve at age 20/21 so much and reach the tour, and chill with Ana! :D I don't need no glamourpuss LOL


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