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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quote of the Day: Rafa on hardcourts

The top management of ATP are always think(ing) about continuing playing more and more tournaments in this kind of surface. I think it's not a good way, because if I look the locker room and you look in the trainers' room, everybody have problems, no? On the knees on the foot, every player, no, here (pointing to the hip). So I think it's not the good way. It's the hardest surface for the body, that's for sure.

- Rafael Nadal's feelings about playing on hardcourts

Hmmm - it's true that hardcourts are the toughest on the body while clay and grass offer more cushion. But is this a matter of surface, playing style, and/or physical preparation? I'm thinking a combo platter here.

One major factor weighing in hardcourts favor, though, is the low cost of maintaining the surface which certainly makes sense when considering the number of tournaments around the world. Plus, it gives a true bounce which most ballers enjoy.

I don't see this changing in the near future. But if it did, I'd give my vote to more grass.

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  1. They could play it all on clay and I would be happy :)

    He has a point though. There are so many injuries right now, and at this point in the year. It's unfortunate there's not a surface that's more agreeable to everyone, and their various joints.

  2. I'm with rich. We have 9 months of hard court, then several months of clay, then 3 weeks of grass?! Oh and that's then followed by another clay tournament.

    They need to make the grass court season longer and cut down on the hard. They also need to make the grass faster so it's not like just playing on hard court anyway.

  3. alright seth! any other tokers...i mean takers for grass???

  4. I vote for grass.

    As much as I love Rafa, he's just too invincible on clay right now. It'll be a slaughter.

  5. i'm totally with rafa on this one. the atp is clearly favoring hardcourts.
    why don't they just have it even? the same amount of hardcourt, grass and clay tourneys per year, that'd be fair i think.


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