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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quote of the Day: Fed on the Olympics

...I've already won 12 Grand Slams. I mean, another Grand Slam here or there doesn't make that much of a difference. It's nice to get them, but the Olympic Games is something I have never been able to get.

- Roger Federer on the importance of the Olympics relative to winning Grand Slams

Winning a Slam doesn't make that much of a difference?! It's nice to get them??!

I understand that the Olympics, particularly winning the gold medal, are high on Fed's wish list since he's never pocketed a medal. But his answer seems pretty flip especially from a baller who hasn't won a single Slam this year and just lost a heartbreaker at his favored Wimbledon.

And, won't history weigh more heavily towards the number of Grand Slams a baller owns versus an Olympic medal or two? It's a surprisingly casual response for someone who always thinks about his place in the annals of tennis.

I'd call this "playing down the pressure".

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  1. Totally only saying this because he knows he's falling.

    We still hasn't won french! Now i'm sure that would count for something.

  2. More like "*not* dealing with the pressure.

    Didn't he say he wanted to win the U.S Open?


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