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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quote of the Day: Bartoli on Rafa

No, not even a little bit.

- Marion Bartoli on whether she was happy for Rafael Nadal after his Wimbledon victory

That's cold-butted. Apparently, the Frenchie idolizes Roger Federer and actually cried for him after the match.

Oh Marion, get a grip - he doesn't need your tears. You know what does, though? Your falling career.

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  1. What the...?! Way to embrace your sport and sportsmanship you wacky girl. Wow, if I had originally had any respect for her, it has been wiped away.

  2. (lurker coming out here, hehe) Geez man, and I thought Rich was too mean on Marion when he showed the unkempt armpit photo. I'm a huge nadal fan but even if roger had won wimby, I would't say that I wasn't happy for roger (well, at least not out loud). Hehehe.

  3. haha - i'm just the messenger!

    it's just a dumb thing to say, really.

  4. Why does anyone even care about her opinion?

    Does it count in some weird, parallel universe where someone actually gives a crap about Bartoli?

    Simple rule, B: Clean shit up, then talk.

  5. What a bitch. Where the heck is she - in fifth grade?!
    Well, for sure she's not in the top 10. No success, no opinion, darling. LOL

  6. God you people are idiots. Geez, she has her favorite players, get over it. She's just made the semis in stanford aswell, so I think she'll be just fine.


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