Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: More of Maria + Camilla's wacky European vacation

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PHOTO OP: More of Maria + Camilla's wacky European vacation

Supposed apron-wearing homebody Maria "Shriek"apova and her BFF Camilla Belle really did it up in Europe after the Russian's embarrassing second round loss at Wimbledon.

As I wrote earlier the dynamic duo took advantage of the Maria's unexpected time off, taking in haute couture fashion in Paris and hitting the clubs back in London. Apparently the trip also involved the duo hawking on some impossibly good-looking, impeccably dressed men friends, Maria modeling (of course), and some kind of strange mime dance.

Oh what it must be like to be a giant, blonde, well-off Russian tennis machine.

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  1. At what point are these two going to finally come out and say they're a couple?! I mean just say it already. We're fine with it.

  2. you're too funny b2012! we'd all be fine with it - especially on this blog. i'd just want exclusives on the commitment ceremony pictures, that's all.

    screw people magazine - i want it!

  3. Well off? Try filthy friggin' rich!

    I admit to indulging in many a life-swapping fantasy involving Maria Sharapova - as long as I could stay in a different time zone from Papa Yuri. . .

  4. You should get full exclusives!!

  5. oh no FF - yuri would be able find you anywhere. he knows people...that's all i'm gonna say!

  6. Maria's site took down the photos of her with Camilla. Strange.

  7. that is weird stam - i wonder why??? hmmmm...

  8. Camilla Belle is such a do-nothing


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