Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: The lady ballers take in runway fashions at Rogers Cup

Monday, July 28, 2008

PHOTO OP: The lady ballers take in runway fashions at Rogers Cup

Ana Ivanovic joined Maria Sharapova and few of the other lady ballers from the WTA Tour for the Rogers Cup fashion show in Montreal. Why does it look like the Serb took two completely different styles - the top and the skirt - and made a big mess of it all? Even the colors are off. Seriously, if Ana is going to be photographed this much she needs to get a stylist.

Also making the show were Vera Zvonareva, in her frumpy best, Stanford champ Aleksandra Wozniak, Dominka Cibulkova and the Russian clique of Elena Vesnina, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Elena Dementieva.

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  1. Alek is working some crazy sock tan lines! And I agree, Ana's style is so bizarre that I can't believe she could actually find a dress that looked like that! Maria Sharapova looks fantastic - I want that blazer!

  2. Aw...I like Ana's dress. Yeah, she has a very hit or miss (more miss than hit) sense of style. She needs a stylist. But in some way I totally find that so endearing.

  3. Dementieva looks divinely hot there. And Ana does look a little bit like she should be yodeling in the mountains. She's so gorgeous...she doesn't need her dress to be the first thing you see (and go blinded by).

    I can't tell if those are tan lines or socks on Wozniak?

  4. Blechhhhhhhhhhhh. Every one of those girls looks hideous.

    But if they think they look okay, that's all that matters.

  5. yeah i agree natch - some of them clearly weren't trying or trying too hard.

    they were prob thinking it's just a Tier 1, why make the effort? wrongo!

  6. You know what.. Sportswomen really aren't the greatest dresses in the world are they. Then again, fashion sense don't win you trophies.

  7. right babz! which is why i think either the wta tour should hire a fashion stylist or the ladies (especially the world no. 1) should work with one.

    image is important for them - especially if they want sponsorship dollars.

    hire me!

  8. wow lokkin at your comments-you must be EXCELLENT experts
    Ana looks great and also Elena Dementiewa
    more ana Biscayne 2005/ivanovic4319.jpg Biscayne 2005/ivanovic4328.jpg

  9. Rich,

    You have a point, they should hire a stylist, if only for big events or publicity shoots. And nowadays, publicity includes - well, just about everything doesn't it?

    Case example, I remember many years ago watching award show I can't remember the name of, many of the women baller didn't look so great (imho) and that was in my teenage eyes. I remember thinking, geez louise, these women have money (right?), why wouldn't they make more effort to look nicer? To look so danged uninterested like Zvonareva there is just a disgrace. I mean come on. What does that outfit tell the public?

    I think the state of women's tennis is putting me in a dilemma. If they can't even play tennis to the fullest (and I believe they can do more than what they've been showing in the last 4/5 months), should they even be worrying about fashion? UGH.

    Anon 9:29,
    I am no fashion expert, but even I know that 2 different shades of black on an outfit (on the same DRESS) - total no no. Do you?

  10. Ana looks good. She looks good in anything.
    Sorry to say, but Kuzzie could not have looked less like a lesbian if she tried :X


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