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Monday, July 21, 2008

PHOTO OP: Does Rafa enjoy press conferences? His faces say no...

I'd love to sit in on some of Rafael Nadal's press conferences just for the laughs - his faces are classic.

The Wimbledon champ looked completely puzzled and/or annoyed when answering media questions at the Rogers Masters today. He looks like he wants to take someone out with a quickness.

What the hell is going on here people???

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  1. Wow, he actually looks PISSED AS HELL over there.

    Must be another question about winning Wimby...

  2. Maybe they were asking about his wife Ana again. He didn't seem to like that question the last time it was asked.

  3. His confuzzled looks are priceless. But the press deserve the looks - because they really can ask some of the dumbest, most repetitive things ever.

  4. Aw, I love Grumpy Rafa. So adorable, and so funny.
    But I don't think he really is pissed - I think it's more like a strained look trying to understand all the different accents and all.
    But anyway, TOO CUTE.

  5. I've sat in on two of his press conferences. His reactions come from the typical stupid questions the media asks!

  6. He just tries to understand the questions. His english is still poor.

    Doesn't he look like a very young Harrison Ford? Especially his mouth.

  7. I can read minds. Here's what Rafa is thinking:

    What university gave this idjit a degree? And what magazine gave him press credentials?...gee, I hope Rich gets a photo of this & blogs about it....

  8. I just like when they do this crazy questions to him and he turn to his friend and ask "Que dijo??" -"what he said?"
    They way the he said it sound like "what this crazy man its asking??"


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