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Monday, July 28, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Maria's shoulder injury returns, Olympic + US Open prospects in jeopardy

Maria Sharapova, who was spotted on the press line for the WTA Fashion Show at the Rogers Cup yesterday, has been keeping a secret.

The Russian revealed via her website that the right shoulder injury which derailed her 2007 season returned during Indian Wells back in March. She felt the pain when she reached for a backhand during her tight 3-set match against Alona Bondarenko and is now tinkering with her racquets to find an answer:

Then it was back to work where I spent many hours of each day working with Prince on different rackets and strings. Ever since Indian Wells and that backhand incident, I haven't been able to get my arm up and close to my head without some sort of impingement and I've been trying different rackets with different weight balances that are a bit more flexible and the strings looser to get as much tension away from my arm as possible. So for the last week I have been playing with a new frame...I'm usually very sensitive to any minor changes and we usually do this in the off season, but we really had no choice this time.
This recurring injury would most definitely explain the serving woes the 21-year old suffered during her Roland Garros and Wimbledon campaigns when she was averaging double-digit double faults.

But, with the Olympics and the US Open right around the bend and with no real "Game Plan B" in her Nike pocket, Shrieka will need to get this injury in check quickly or she'll be enjoying more unexpected wacky vacation time.

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  1. I wonder how Maria will hold up this week in Montreal?
    I can't imagine she can perform at her best. I'm really hoping to see her and Ivanovic in the finals.

  2. If this injury is still hurting and she can't go full out on her serve, she won't last too long. Plus, there's sure to be an adjustment period after tinkering with her racquet and strings.

    Wherever her serve goes, though, her confidence goes with it.

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  4. I must go check who she is up against in R2. Hope she doesn't bite the dust then already. That'll be very "Federer" of her.

  5. Unfortunately, Masha has the "power" draw. So many big hitters and big servers in her half (Bartoli, Vaidisova, Kleybanova), not to mention either JJ or Elena D. in the semis. Her 2r opponent will probably be Bethanie Mattek, who already took a set from her at RG and got to the SF of LA last week.

  6. All the bollettieri academy students are introduce to Prince Racquet and this girl got stuck with it.
    Those racquets are so bad, look all those that use them (Davydenko,Jankovic and Sharapova). The forehand doesnt come natural and make your arm to swing very stiff or balls will go looooonnnng.
    She need to change racquet brand, no models.

    If she its smart enough she should change brands. I think Wilson or Younex with luxilon strings will fit her game.

  7. The thought of Masha using any brand other than Prince is hard to imagine. I wonder if this means she'll be switching racquets completely, or whether her new racquet will be painted to look like the O3 White. Hopefully she doesn't aggravate the injury and can get through the next few tournaments playing some decent tennis.


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