Google Down the Line!: THE LOW DOWN: Fed's not feeling Rafa as unofficial no. 1 - are you listening Boris?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

THE LOW DOWN: Fed's not feeling Rafa as unofficial no. 1 - are you listening Boris?

Roger Federer isn't into hypothetical situations or imaginary rankings for that matter.

The top-ranked Swiss, who'll meet Indianapolis champ Gilles Simon in his opening match in Toronto, is still the world no. 1 in his mind regardless of his recent losses in majors to Rafael Nadal nor what others may think:

There is never an unofficial world No1. Of course [Rafa] has still won two unbelievably difficult tournaments and whoever wins those is supposed to be No1. But I have had a very good end to the past two years. It's hard to snatch the No1 position, he knows that.
Is Fed living in denial or rightful in his defiance? Clearly a little of both. He's still, based on the archaic ranking system, the top baller but it's hard to argue against someone carrying around the French-Wimbledon double and two Master Series' shields in his Babolat bag.

(image via AP)


  1. It will be a glorious day when the numbers DO say Rafa is number one. He's had to put his hand out to the numerical number one for so long and acknowledge that Federer is "the best", now he can hold it over his own heart and say IT'S ME! It's time.

    Can't wait.

  2. (lurker here again) Hey rich, did you hear about roger's other comments in his recent interviews? He mentioned something like, LET'S NOT FORGET IT'S HARDCOURTS FOR 9 MONTHS TILL MONTE CARLO (ouch, is that a stab at Rafa?>)and that he's glad to be on hardcourts and no longer on clay AND GRASS (wait, wasn't grass your favorite?)...I could really taste the bitterness here,but I'll give him a break for now since he's probably fed up with the incessant queries from the press.

  3. b2012 - love the new avatar, haven't seen it yet but i heard it's really good

    anon - yeah i've read those comments. basically no. 1 is all he has to hold onto right now until he wins something significant aka US Open. if he doesn't win there, i can't imagine him believing he should have the ranking though he'd never say it publicly (i don't think).

    these kinds of matters just bring the whole ranking system into question again and gives more credence to the ATP Race to the Masters Cup where Rafa is clearly in the lead.

  4. Oh, no, Federer looks really old.

  5. Rich - it's crazy good!! Go see it at IMAX if you can!!! :D

  6. (Lurker anon here again) Well what do you know....Roger's out of Rogers...I really feel for the guy now, I hope they give players an excuse from the press from time to time, maybe give them like 5 "coupons" to skip the postmatch press conferencethroughout the year...hehe

  7. Wonder if Roger's thoughts have changed now...


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