Google Down the Line!: Jelena feeling flabby, blames balky knee for over-eating

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jelena feeling flabby, blames balky knee for over-eating

It's the same ol' song for Jelena Jankovic.

The Serb, who has a chance to take the top ranking from compatriot Ana Ivanovic after LA next week, is still rehabbing the balky knee she tweaked at Wimbledon according to her blog:

The last time I wrote you, I informed you about my knee injury. Since I came back from London, I had to cancel my vacation plans in order to get daily treatments on my knee so I could be ready for everything that awaits me in the next couple of months. The specific problem is with the meniscus which is recuperating bit by bit. I only practiced one hour a day at the beginning of last week, and last night I arrived to the United States where I will start my more intensive preparation for Los Angeles and Montreal.

But apparently that's the least of JJ's worries. The camera-loving baller is worried that her inactivity has caused her to put on a few noticeable pounds:
One of the things you will be able to notice is that I have eaten too much chocolate, candies and breads, hahahaha. When you do not play for two weeks, muscles start relaxing too much which definitely I do not like so I am glad to start practicing again and bringing my body back to the great physical condition. I need to burn some of that additional fat gathered from this time while I was not playing.
Uh-oh. It seems like someone has serious body image issues because I can't see where the "fat" is living on her very fit body.

I guess she's not afraid to hide it - the issues not the flab, geez!

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  1. Wow, yeah, how does she dare leave the house with so much flab showing?!

  2. She is hoooot!!!! GO JJ!!!!

  3. Yes...oh yes..she is : )

  4. yeah - i actually can't wait for her full-on acting career. she'll be great in romantic comedies or action movies i think. what a djoker...

  5. Remember, this is a woman who reportedly retouches her makeup during changeovers. So let's just say I have a feeling she'll be reading the comments on her website: "Oh, no, Jelena, you are so, so beautiful!" etc. etc.

    Not that I think the worse of her for it - JJ somehow makes vanity seem wacky and charming - probably because she has such a mischievous sense of humor.

  6. Ummm, wow.

    Question, though: Who puts sexy shots of themselves on their Web site? Wouldn't you just have tennis shots? (I don't want to complain too much, though!)

  7. Oh God, what a porker! LOL.

  8. hahaha lol maybe jst a tad bit dramatic haha but thats y we love her haha

    (ivanovic is a lot more prettier though)haha hope she doesnt read that ...

  9. mann she is hot. she has a very unique exotic look. ana is pretty as well in her own way. jelena is very out there and isnt afraid to show off, so loud and dramatic, i love her!


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