Google Down the Line!: Is your fave tennis baller really blogging and do you care?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is your fave tennis baller really blogging and do you care?

Ryan Corazza over at ESPN the Magazine's blog wonders aloud how many so-called athlete blogs are true blue. Essentially, are the ballers really writing the personal musings themselves and, if not, should we care?

Corazza mentions Rafael Nadal's blog in the article and links to a post written during his championship run at Wimbledon. In it Rafa says,

First of all I would like to apologize for not sending this blog post last night as usual. I always do it after dinner while I'm at the massage table and my physio works on me. I dictate it and my PR manager writes it. This is how I have been doing it every day.
Fine to me - he's being completely honest about Benito Perez-Barbadillo, his flack, writing the words he dictates. Corazza argues the same saying,
Pro athletes are busy people, and largely, they aren't wordsworths...So having your sentiments typed up by a close confidant isn't a huge concern to the people who host the sites. It's still them … mostly.
But the article got me wondering - how many tennis ballers who say they're writing blogs for different media outlets are actually penning them or, at the very least, dictating them to someone? Should we care??

Hell yeah we should care. I want to know the thoughts are authentic and genuine - not some carefully worded PR piece. As a fan it's fun to get a glimpse into the minds of your fave baller and understand some of their thinking - good or bad.

One baller I'm sure is writing her own thoughts is Serena Williams. Have you ever read her musings? Seriously, you couldn't make that screwy stuff up if you tried - even if you were paid to.

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  1. Where can I read a Serena blog post? Sounds interesting.

    I get the feeling that some players who blog write what they want people to hear...I don't know. It's nice to have a bit of an insight into their characters but I don't take what they say too seriously.

  2. TLT you def need to read ReRe's blogs - they're hysterical and a little off-the-wall, no surprise there. think 15-year old girl in a woman's body.

    check her site and they usually live on the home page.

  3. ReRe's blog makes me uncomfortable. She really seems to be a child. Oh and don't get me started on her poetry.

    I like Maria, Ana, and JJ's blogs. They seem to have their voices and personalities but I'm sure they have people editing them before they get posted.

  4. Right c note?

    What really gets me is the relationship advice section where she does her best dear abby. Is she really qualified?

    I think Venus gives her the advice to write. At least we know she's actually in one while ReRe's still in the closet with Common. Get over it!

  5. Well, she's allegedly on the verge of locking down Common, who is a hot piece. So I can't say she's NOT qualified.

  6. true enough c note - it'll be interesting to see what happens.

    more soon-to-be-married ballers? how strange and unusual.

  7. ditto to the comments above. I mean, what the hell is she talking about with this "boyfriend insurance" stuff? ReRe should stick to other artistic genres outside the courts. I still her dancing/singing fares better. (The quality sucks, but you get the idea.)

  8. What amazes me is the spelling. You'd think that if you had the opportunity to have THE WHOLE WORLD read your thoughts you'd atleast put it in the correct way. Otherwise i like her blog/poetry, it's sweet- shows she's a normal person.


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