Google Down the Line!: Hewitts expecting second child, sell story for $100K

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hewitts expecting second child, sell story for $100K

So now I know why Bec Hewitt was looking like a schoolmarm at Wimbledon: she was hiding something under that tent.

Apparently the former Aussie soap star and her hothead hubby Lleyton Hewitt are expecting their second child and sold their story for $100,000 to gossip rag OK! magazine - pennies in this day and age:

(image via Getty, Ok)


  1. Looks like the $100,000 may just come in handy seeing that he's going nowhere with his tennis! :p

  2. I wonder if they give that money to charity? Seems random to announce something for that kind of cash, that's just going to be an obvious fact soon anyway.

  3. it's all PR for them - even if it means selling some of their private life. maybe they figure it's going to get out anyway like you said b2012 so they might as well control how it comes out AND make some dough.


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