Google Down the Line!: First look at Ashley Harkleroad's Playboy magazine moment

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First look at Ashley Harkleroad's Playboy magazine moment

Here's a sneak peek at Ashley Harkleroad's much-talked about August Playboy spread, so to speak.

The mag gets down to the nitty-gritty with the 23-year old baller discussing sex, locker room looks and Anna Kournikova. Some choice quotes:

“I do think athletes have better sex,” she asserts with a bashful giggle. “Who wants a waify girl with no definition to her body? I like that I have some power and that everything’s tight.”

“Tennis players don’t mind showing off their bodies,” she said. “Often in the locker room I feel other girls’ eyes on me.”

“Anna [Kournikova] is stunning to look at, but she’s probably a bit damaged from what she’s been through. That’s how she acts — a bit damaged.”

Ahhh - just the way you've always pictured Pebbles, right?

(Update: Just found a "clean" version of the cover and a new ESPN The Magazine interview with Ashley discussing the shoot and other stuff.)



  1. "A waify girl"... exactly!

    "A bit damaged"... of course!
    Grins & giggles,

  2. I know TP - totally hysterical.

    My fave is the innuendo in the first quote: "I like that I have some power and everything's tight."

    Yeah Ash TMI, though weren't you married already? Not possible, sorry.

  3. I looked at Harkleroad and was like whoa, she's Playboy material. I feel like this whole thing is total left field. She's not even famous, all these guys are gunna be like who the hell is this girl, and what is she doing on the cover of my Playboy?!

  4. *NEVER I NEVER looked at Harkleroad and was like whoa...

  5. So she does the shoot to get publicity, gains a bunch of horny male fans who all decide to subscribe to the Tennis Channel, and much to their dismay she fails to make it far enough into tournaments to even be shown on TV.

    Solid gameplan. Well played Team Harkleroad. Well played.

  6. She sounds stupid.

  7. Its kinda strange that we moan all the time as how these girls take advantage of their beauty and pose semi nude or plain nude for magazines and all that, and how they actually don't play tennis (or other sport) well at all. As if they are somehow 'cheating' to enter some sporting stage and 'jump over' into celeb scene where they really intent to 'blossom'.

    I dunno, I don't mind it. If they are good babes then let 'em. Just don't like to see their athletic form to dip due to this kind of distractions. That is if they have any athletic form in the first place.

    BTW, Ashley is a candy.


  8. Yeah I have no problem with it either. I bet Ashley was thinking "This is the best offer I'll ever get" since she's clearly not winning any titles and making much money.

    And she gets the publicity...

  9. I'll sleep so much better tonight knowing everything's tight on her.

  10. It's funny to hear her refer to someone as "damaged" when you break down what's going on with her:

    • Married and divorced by 22 or 23.

    • Dating her 40-something-year-old coach.

    • Posing for Playboy in hopes of getting some publicity.

    Hmm. Who's damaged? And come the end of the year, the only people still that will know her are tennis players. A former colleague of mine works for Playboy so I knew this was going down a while ago. I was talking about it with a co-worker of mine back then and if I were to ask him now the name of the player posing for Playboy, he wouldn't be able to tell you to save his life!

  11. She's got a great body. But then, don't most athletes (male or female)? I don't care one way or the other whether she poses as a female nude. But using all the tennis gear, referring to her as a tennis player? Face it, most guys looking at her will think she is a tennis player, when in actuality, seeing her play in a tournament is not likely. So her posting nude representing tennis will set women's tennis back 30 years. I hope the money she makes makes it worth it for her.

  12. Any bets on how many times they're going to show this picture on TV during the hard court season?

  13. LOL, this is so lame.

  14. Anon-

    Im pretty sure they will show and talk about this pictures as many times as they had talk about the "pool story" of Ana Ivanovic.

  15. seriously uvijek - if i hear that pool story one more time i'm gonna...*clenched fist raised to the sky+

  16. Hahahahaha!! or!! press the mute botton : )

  17. yeah i guess that'll work too - but i'm like jj with the drama: all day, every day


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