Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Mary Carillo steps up style game - could the pant suit be history?

Monday, July 28, 2008

FASHION FIX: Mary Carillo steps up style game - could the pant suit be history?

Could Mary Carillo finally be coming to her fashion senses?

According to the Preppy Princess the tennis commentator, who has this unfortunate fondness for Hillary Clinton-style pant suits and turtlenecks (sometimes even worn together - doh!), will be kicking it up a notch and sporting a little special something for her Olympics gig:

I can't tell from this line sketch whether the outfit, designed by Ports 1961, is something closer to a white tie-waist potato sack paired with leggings or maternity wear.

In any case, it's better than the aforementioned suits...and the helmet hair is spot on.

(image via hbo + wwd)


  1. Why is Carillo getting a custom designed outfit, anyway?

    But I LOVE Ports 1961 - it's going to look good for sure. But I can't picture Mary in heels. . .

  2. true - mary in heels? i guess she'll be sitting most of the time but i'd like to see if she can walk in them.

    i believe Ports 1961 is dressing the on-air personalities, including mary.

  3. Heels? Heels? OMG no, anything but the heels! You know, Rich, you make a good point about the sitting. It needs to be sitting tho', because the walking thing could be very scary. Very.

    I was thinking perhaps Ana or Maria could simply use the top portion of the outfit as a dress...? Maybe? Better than some of the wretched things we've seen recently on the ladies? Not to mention the orange and black bag bomb Mr. Federer had on the court recently. What *was* that? (Besides hideous?)

    Okay, we've been mean and nasty long enough; clearly the Bad Princess has somehow gotten out of her cage this evening. Whoops!


  4. yes it happens sometimes TP - cage door is open!


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