Google Down the Line!: Evert explains away illicit affair with Greg Norman so all is well!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Evert explains away illicit affair with Greg Norman so all is well!

Chris Evert, who married golfer Greg Norman in the Bahamas last month, publicly admitted for the first time that the two sports legends carried on an illicit affair culminating in a divorce from their respective partners.

As I wrote back in December of last year, the couple had known each other for many years as Greg was best friends with Chris' ex-husband Andy Mills. The 18-time Grand Slammer told Vogue magazine their attraction to each other was unstoppable and apparently unavoidable:

It was like an irresistible force. How do you explain something like that?
You would think Chris would know the answer to that question after three marriages, but I guess ignorance is bliss...for now.

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  1. Think a TV movie could come out of all that? Two hall of famers leaving behind their less-than-accomplished spouses and finding love in each other's arms? Sounds like a winner to me!

  2. Yes! And the title will be, "Love Under Par".

    Starring Cheryl Ladd.

  3. "Illicit affair"! Such a legalese speak and with a clear tone of prudish disapproval. America always amazes me in that regard, even in its blogs!

    Try to look at it this way: the mere fact they ended up married gives credence to the claim that indeed their relationship is much more than a silly affair. Nobody disturbs whole lives of 2 families for nothing. Illicit affair is when you cheat on a spouse and stay married. This is just the opposite: them proving by their future lives that their decision was the right one.

  4. wow more america bashing - we're on a roll here!

    the affair itself was "illicit" because they were married at the time - the definition of the term has nothing to do with the fact that they ended up dumping their marriages to get together.

    "Nobody disturbs whole lives of 2 families for nothing" - that's crap. people do fucked up things all the time whether others are involved or not and for our own reasons. it's called being human. how they handled it within their families we have no idea, we can only hope it was amicable for all involved - but not likely.

    i hope it does work out for them - it's a lot to go through to have it fall apart. but does the end justify the means? i think only they can answer that question.


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