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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DtL's shameless self-promo moment: The Preppy Princess

Hey readers -

I'm excited to say my recent post discussing the insanity that is Ana Ivanovic's adidas "ladyfinger" dress was quoted on The Preppy Princess, a guide to everything preppy including fashion, publishing, sports, celebrity, etc.

Here's the excerpt from their post The Pirate over the Preppy, Sharapova’s Next Dress…?:

As the good folks at Down the Line Tennis note:

All you want is an originally designed, inspired and functional dress to wear for the final Grand Slams of the year and here’s what they give you: The Wimbledon dress (above), in the required white with lilac piping around the neckline and arm holes, was supposedly inspired by flower petals but I’m thinking someone was eating lady fingers when they came up with the design. And for the US Open you’re sporting the same dress but in some drab grey-brown moment (below). *Yawn* Even the proportions, most noticeably the length of the dress, seem awkward on you.

BTW, Down the Line is a must see for anyone favoring fashion + tennis, a wonderful read blending those two elements and more.
Very cool! Thanks again TP!!

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