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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Comment of the Week: Barcelona2012 on Rafa

That [Bloomberg] article is disgusting. Rafa's English has come a long way. And why does he need to change a thing to become more marketable?! I've been to Nike stores in Spain: he's perfectly marketable. Markets here are just ignorant if you ask me. They shouldn't want to change him and mold him into something he's not. It's not about the bottom dollar for him and you know what, that's one attribute that makes him even more marketable in my opinion: Heart.

- Barcelona2012 on Rafael Nadal's supposed un-marketability

B2012's argument is well taken. For every maniacal marketing machine like a Maria "Shriek"apova, I'll take a baller like Rafa any day. It's rare to watch someone of his stature stay so true to what he values, no matter how many golden carrots are dangled in his face.

But in any case it's nice to have options, huh Rafa?

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  1. It's so clear that Nadal needs to learn better english before he becomes the next Sharapova in the US, it shouldn't be that big of a deal for anyone to accept.

  2. you miss the point - he doesn't really care about becoming a marketing machine in the US like maria. it's not everyone's goal in life and i think people have a hard time understanding why someone wouldn't want it.

    he has plenty of sponsorships around the world but since he doesn't have them in the US the american public thinks he doesn't have any...typical.

    he's not interested in whoring himself and his personal life to become a marketing machine in the US and i have tons of respect for that...


  4. Comment of the Week - I feel honored! :D

    I doubt that we will ever see him rushing to bend and fit into a golden carrot buffet line. And that makes me (and his millions of fans across the globe I am sure) really happy.

  5. i'm sure you'll have more - i love your comments and passion for the game.

    cool avatar btw!


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