Google Down the Line!: BREAKING: Sharapova withdraws from Olympics with shoulder injury

Thursday, July 31, 2008

BREAKING: Sharapova withdraws from Olympics with shoulder injury

Maria Sharapova just announced she will not be competing at next week's Beijing Olympics due to the nagging right shoulder injury which forced her to withdraw from this week's Rogers Cup:

After yesterdays match I knew there was something seriously wrong with my shoulder. After taking a few different exams and MRI's this morning, the doctors found two small tears in the tendons of my shoulder.

There are so many mixed feelings because last night they were almost positive there was something wrong with my nerve which could have ultimately been much more serious but after the tests this morning, for the first time in a while, they were able to give me a different answer and a different problem. But on the other hand this is something that needs a lot of time to heal, which really hurts me to say that I have to miss the Olympics.

I'm currently packing up really quick to hop on the plane and head to NY for a second opinion but I wanted to let all of you know first that there's no chance of me competing in Beijing. The timing is so unfortunate and this makes me more sad than anything.

I will keep everyone updated once I get a clear picture of what the next plan is...
Bad luck for Shrieka. Let's hope she received the right diagnosis and will get the correct treatment for this now chronic injury or her career longevity will be seriously in question.

Again: no serve, no wins.

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  1. I hope she doesn't have to miss the USOPEN! I had Yuri on my list of people to stalk...

    But in all seriousness, I hope she gets the treatment she needs. The game, especially right now, needs her at the top of her game.

  2. Hahaha - we should meet up and stalkeratti together.

    Yup the women's game really needs her and also needs her to play well and win majors.


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