Google Down the Line!: Ana's Wimby loss doesn't stop her Global Domination Tour

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ana's Wimby loss doesn't stop her Global Domination Tour

Ana Ivanovic's stay may have been short at Wimbledon but her Global Domination Tour will live on in the UK.

The FHM magazine featuring the world no. 1 on the cover was released and so were some of the inside shots of the Serbian star. But who was the stylist on this photoshoot? They need to be fired and should never style anyone ever again. I mean really, this wasn't for a cheesy lingerie catalog was it?

Ana's a true natural beauty but here she's completely over-styled and over-made up - sometimes less is more!

(images via FHM)


  1. Phew, I have to say those pics are hott! Even though I'm not really an Ana fan... but she's got some modeling potential there!

  2. Not sure I understand Ana's intentions here.... what is the point of these pictures? To assert herself as a sex symbol? To ply herself with body oil, cakey makeup and skimpy outfits?
    Yes Ana, you're an attractive girl, but was this really necessary???

  3. ivanovic is not kournikova, and is not sharapova. she should stop this nonsense.

  4. yeah it doesn't seem like she's a natural at these modeling things. plus, the whole sexing up of ana is forced.

  5. Has she done Vogue? They'll likely have a better vision for her pics...

    Not sure I get the theme of the shoot yet. Then again, I haven't got the magazine or seen the pics in context.

    So far it looks like someone took a half-million dollar Ferrari and loaded it up with five frat boys and five six-packs of BudLite.

  6. bull. she looks great in these pics. does every shot have to be without makeup with straight hair? um, no. that would be boring too. she'll try different looks throughout her career. and yes, she should capitalize on her sex appeal. if she didn't, she'd be an idiot.

    if she does a druggie look next time, then good for her. it's called modeling.

  7. Cool, somebody likes it. You're right, she should try out all kinds of looks...If she does a druggie look, she'll look like a bad actress. It just won't work with Ana. She has this super-classy look, a little Catherine Zeta-Jones or Anne Hathaway.

  8. I love it, I have to disagree
    about the make up and dress up.
    As a tennis player myself(over 20 years), we never get to wear any make up or anything cute or sexy..ever.
    so this is something I would also do it..and she should def. do Vogue too.


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