Google Down the Line!: Alexandra Stevenson blogs for, still relevant for some reason

Monday, July 14, 2008

Alexandra Stevenson blogs for, still relevant for some reason

Hey - remember Alexandra Stevenson? Yeah exactly, but she and are hoping we'll still care.

The sports site has given the oft-injured baller, who made headlines in 1999 when it was revealed her father was NBA legend Julius "Dr. J" Erving during her run to the Wimbledon semifinals, a prime assignment to blog about the trials and tribulations of the low-paying Challenger circuit. (Geez - I hope she's getting something for this.)

In her second post for the site Alexandra, apparently the "It Girl" of the Challengers, discusses the media circus that swarms her every move saying,

Most players don't have a press contingent come around at Challengers events after they lose. I've lost count of how many reporters show up in small towns and big cities to interview me, win or lose. My mother, Samantha Stevenson, a journalist, tells me, "Feel flattered that they care about you."
True. Still, nice one Momma Stevenson!

The world no. 205 even waxed poetic (literally) about what it's like to constantly lose for a class at the University of Colorado. Here's an excerpt:
A feeling of despair, her muscles twitching
The player's racket dangling by her side

The actress inside forcing a cool appearance on her face

But she is thinking, "My God, not again."
Wow. Maybe if her racquet was doing more than "dangling" she might be winning more matches.

But Alexandra wants to make sure she clears the air with tennis fans about her delayed progress when she asks aloud,
You might wonder why it's taking me longer to get back than it took Martina Hingis during her comeback or Lindsay Davenport following the birth of her son?
Actually, I'm not. In fact, it makes perfect sense to me.

Now, can we get a real baller who's actually won something to blog for the site or, at the very least, a true up-and-comer?

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  1. I wonder if it ever crossed her mind that it's taking her longer to comeback than Martina and Lindsay because unlike them she is not a champion, Grand Slam winner, a player fans care about?

    I think ESPN lets her blog because her delusional posts are hilarious.


  2. lol!!!!! I love good hilarity in the morning.

  3. *stands & applauds*

    How about if we lock her & Gimmelstob in a room, and whoever comes out alive we get to beat to death?

  4. Can we put Ashley Harkleroad in that room, too?

  5. She is a human being and probably has accomplished more than many of you ever will athletically, so perhaps instead of being critical of someone, you can save your cynicism and criticisms for yourselves.


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