Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Verdasco gets naked for a cause

Thursday, June 12, 2008

VIDEO VAULT: Verdasco gets naked for a cause

Fernando Verdasco, who I think has one of the best tennis baller bodies around, got naked for Cosmopolitan magazine. No I didn't stutter.

The Spaniard speaks about the photoshoot and reveals it's to benefit a charity that deals with prostate cancer, for which is grandfather died.

Okay - did you hear me? FERNANDO VERDASCO GETS NAKED. Fine, just watch:

(video via


  1. not a problem - if i can provide nude tennis ballers to the world, than i've done my job!

  2. Way to serve, Nando! And for a great cause.

  3. So now we have 4 members of the Spanish Armada who did a nude photoshoot: Carlos Moya and Feliciano Lopez several years ago and more recently, Tommy Robredo and Fernando Verdasco.

    The former two did it merely as an artsy portrait, the latter two for a cancer charity. All four looked stunning, needless to say.

    Of course, the next obvious selection Rafael Nadal was asked by some enterprising journo will he do it as well, but Rafa said he's too shy for that.

    Well, one can only hope.

  4. Yes we can all hope for Rafa's full-monty moment. And don't you think he'd have the best bottom around?

  5. I have a newfound appreciation for Verdasco now! Thanks, Rich. :)

  6. I'm quite sure Feliciano liked it a lot, Fernando.

  7. Wow, I go on vacation and look what I miss! I'm very happy that they're doing this for cancer charities.

  8. welcome back barcelona2012! i hope you went somewhere relaxing...

  9. Thank you! I went to Wyoming and now am driving back to NY as (fast) safely as possible so I can see Wimbledon. I still don't know why tennis can't work around my schedule? haha Can't wait to get there and catch up on all the DTL goodies.


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