Google Down the Line!: Upset bug hits Ivanovic, goes down hard to Zheng

Friday, June 27, 2008

Upset bug hits Ivanovic, goes down hard to Zheng

I guess my question from yesterday was answered in a big way today. Ana Ivanovic was bundled out of Wimbledon, going down hard to China's Jie Zheng 6-1, 6-4 in a quick 72 minutes - that's gotta hurt.

Apparently, the accomplishments over the last month finally caught up with the world no. 1:
It was a very emotional last couple of weeks for me and it took a bit of a toll. I didn’t have great preparation.
A leaning experience for sure. But a couple of observations:

Full credit to Ana's style senses since she decided to bury the horrid "ladyfinger" adidas dress. Now we'll never have to see it again - boo hoo.

Also, is anyone else smelling an all-Williams final now?

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  1. >>is anyone else smelling an all-Williams final now?<<

    Ugh. Yes. But I hold out small hope for Jelena.

    As for Ana, if you aren't prepared to be #1 and win majors, you shouldn't be a professional tennis player. I liked her. Now I don't.

  2. I think Ana's joining Novak and Maria on a week long bender in the Maldives. Perhaps they'll ask James Blake along, too, just to even things out.

    I'm feeling Aggie Radwanska for some reason. Maybe a Venus-Aggie final?

  3. She was so stressed out during the matches against Dechy and now Zheng. Poor Ana, she wanted it so much she couldn't act right (paraphrasing Andy Roddick.)

    Congratulations to the doubles veteran, Jie Zheng.

    I would like to write that Anonymous 4:53pm is lame but I won't.

  4. What's with all these top players going out? It's embarrassing. I agree with Brad Gilbert that all this talk about being "mentally tired" and "emotional" just sounds weak. Your either prepared or your not.



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