Google Down the Line!: SIGHTINGS: Fed + friends take a break, A-Rod + Brooklyn get romantical

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SIGHTINGS: Fed + friends take a break, A-Rod + Brooklyn get romantical

Roger Federer was spotted taking a relaxed stroll with girlfriend Mirka, tennis fanatic Gavin Rossdale and a very preggers Gwen Stefani, his wife, during a break from Wimbledon play. After seeing Fed + Mirka take in Euro 2008 with Tony + Eva, I'd say the world no. 1 is a full-on celebrity stalker, huh? And what's with his stone-washed outfit??

Andy Roddick
and fiancee Brooklyn Decker were also seen getting a breather from Wimbledon, walking hand-in-hand around town. Boy - Andy is looking good these days. Enough said.

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  1. I don't care for Andy's My-Hair-Is-Receding-But-I'll-Brush-It-forward-And-No-One-Will-Notice look.

    but if you like it, knock yourself out, Rich!

  2. i do i do! i'm not usually into the all-american type but i like a-rod - he's funny and he has this great habit of adjusting his, eh, stuff *blush*

  3. I guess Fed's fashion sense must get diluted off the court cuz his little outfit is kinda lame. That belt, the matching kicks, his little bell bottom-ish jeans tuck meticulously into the shoes. Somebody's trying a little too hard to be cool and is not pulling it off.

  4. i know - i thought he was more involved with his styling and the design of his tennis gear but he's really off here. is he trying to channel gavin? why try...he's right there!

  5. Oh, Rich -- these daggers you keep shoving in my poor heart. As if Andrew's engagement announcement coming on my birthday wasn't bad enough....

  6. The Fed clan looks nice and relaxed here. Thanks for the pic.

    On the contrary, during yesterday's match there was Anna Wintour sandwiches between two chics in horizontal stripes a la some Disney chipmunks. Reminds me of how brides always pick out goofy dresses for their bridesmaids so they'll be the hottest chic at the wedding.

    I mean, I just imagine after Anna put her baby Fed in the sweater (nice touch), she turns to Mirka and the other chic like: for you we'll go with horizontal stripes. It draws the eye up and down creating a slimming effect. The girls are slipping on the tops thinking waaah, that makes no sense...

  7. Andy's looking so hot,i love his dark shirt & hair cut.he & Brooklyn make a very cute couple.
    heartbroken Andy's out but i still believe he'll win big again.


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