Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: Nole + Maria on practice courts doing anything but practicing

Sunday, June 22, 2008

SIGHTING: Nole + Maria on practice courts doing anything but practicing

Novak Djokovic and Maria "Shriek"apova were spotted together on the Wimbledon practice courts though I don't see much practicing going on here.

Hmmm - now where have we all seen this scenario before? Indian Wells...LA Lakers game...Miami baller party?? How about all of the above.

Seriously guys, get a room already.

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  1. Love your work and appreciate it very much, but cant we leave these two young people being friends... Like plain simple friends, and not lovers or whatever? Thanks.


  2. thanks zika!

    umm - i wish i could, and yes they may just be friends, but one can speculate right? c'mon, it's all just the fun of being a tennis fan. join in!

  3. Until I see them lounge in the grass Vaidisova/Stepanek-style in IW, I will cling on to hoping that they are just friends. Not a big Novak fan here. =/

  4. when i saw the quote maria gave about golfer adam scott, i thought they could be a good match:

  5. ok. you're right, sorry, its all fun.

    please don't put my comment in this new section 'comment of the week'.


  6. hehe you're right it's all good...

  7. I bet they didn't practice at all. I bet they spent the entire 45minutes standing six feet apart. Whatevs.

  8. From the people who bought you 'Brangelina' and 'Bennifer'...

    What about Noria? Or Marak? 'Djokova' perhaps?

  9. t: lol!

    karolina: well they're calling A-Rod and Brooklyn "Broddick" though "Brandy" could work too. I like Djokova...

  10. When are you going to stop calling her Maria "Shriek"apova ? It is kind of getting old. I mean, this name calling business are for kids. Also, if you want to be fair and balance, call you also call out Rafa, who makes high decibel too on the court.

    Just because she is rich and young and beautiful, it does not mean she needs to be singled out as the shrieker. In my opinion, all players should be allowed to grunt. Loudly too.

  11. I personally think that "Djokova" should not exist...
    I mean Nole, u have a girlfriend, right? (or it's over?)

    Well, I don't mind calling Masha "Shriek"apova, I mean this is just a blog, not a daily news.I guess there is no such rule to limit someone's opinion.

  12. Novak has a girl friend who is attending university in Serbia. This is according to one of his interviews at The Queen's club tournament. They have been seeing each other for two years.

  13. mercedes: he does have a girlfriend, jelena. nothing wrong with a little speculation since they are seen together A LOT

    anon 12:44 - have you read this blog at all? i make fun of everyone - even myself. kids stuff? yeah, sometimes!


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