Google Down the Line!: Sharapova suffers second round loss, serving woes continue

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sharapova suffers second round loss, serving woes continue

The Aussie Open champs are down and out at this year's Wimbledon.

A day after men's champion Novak Djokovic was dumped out of The Championships by a resurgent Marat Safin, women's title holder Maria "Shriek"apova was completely dismantled by compatriot Alla Kudryavtseva 6-2, 6-4 in 84 minutes. The serving issues that confounded the Russian at the French Open seem to have followed here here: she finished the match with 8 double-faults, 11 total in her two matches this week.

Next time, Nole + Maria, you may want to actually practice when you're on the practice courts together.

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  1. Oh, I am sure they will be practicing, but not tennis, something else. Maybe they are already on a charter to Maldives. :)))

  2. If she put as much effort into practicing her serve as she did into her fashion she might end up playing halfway decent...

  3. Quote of they day goes to Kudryavtseva, conqueror of her highness Sharapova.

    “I don’t like her outfit,” Kudryavtseva said. “It was one of the motivations to beat her.”

    Couldnt have said it any better myself!

  4. Wow...never show off her outfit..It just reminds me of the last US Open.

    Just for fun but I did find that those who "once had a rumor affair with Masha" were all out, including A-Rod,Djokovic, Ferrero, and football star C.Ronaldo(Germany def. Portugal). WOO...that's .... "0"

  5. I bet she can't wait to auction off that outfit, just like she did with that red dress at last year's US Open when she lost to Radwanska!

    Can't agree more with barcelona2012's comment.

  6. the last years us open outfit was fantastic.this years wimby outfit looks like she is wearing a corset with the raincoat on!


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