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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quote(s) of the Day: Safin

After his huge win today Marat Safin, known for giving some of the best sound bites in tennis, offered up a few doozies as only he could. Let's hope the hysterical Russian hangs around a little longer at Wimbledon - we need more quotes and wouldn't mind watching you just a little bit more!

In honor of his win, I give you three of the best:

There is a flight at 8.30 leaving every evening, so I was almost there.

- on his expectations after seeing himself drawn against Novak Djokovic

The strawberries are too expensive. It's true. They don't have enough for dessert. It's true. Only the coach is allowed to come in the locker room is also true.

- on his reasons for disliking Wimbledon

...he didn't impress me with his game today. I could read his serve. I could return. I could stay with him from the baseline.

- on Nole's game during their second round clash today
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  1. Oh~~ Marat...finally, you are back. I thought you were going to quit your career and become a mountain climber.
    I feel that he kind of have the sexiness of arrogant and hysteria.Cool...Safin's back

  2. LOL! That is hilarious about the flight. Quite the win, now I hope he doesn't crash out the next round. Would be nice to see him make a decent run here with the door open as it is.

  3. It's so good to see some of these "old" guys back in the groove! Who would've thought he would beat Djokovic in straight sets? I sure hope he would go far though!


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