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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quote of the Day: Uncle Toni

I never sensed any determination. He never put himself in that state. I was watching his face. Closed. Even when he broke back in the second set, you couldn't read anything on his face. He wasn't sending any messages to Rafa...He didn't have a winner's mentality. It wasn't the real Roger.

- Uncle Toni Nadal, Rafa's coach, on Roger Federer during his French Open drubbing

Yeah, he basically called it a day after he was first broken in the opening set. No fire, no intensity of any kind. Fed seems so mentally drained right now.

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  1. Pathetic, really. In my happy place, the semi was the final. At least there was some fight and some effort.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Hope Darth Federer will strike back. We need some competitive match. The poor TV ratings on the French Open is telling us something.

  3. apart from the dearth of titles this year, i like the harder edge. these are my favorite quotes from his post-final press conference:

    Q. Do you still think you can win Roland Garros?


    Q. Are you sure?

    ROGER FEDERER: Well, if you want me to answer no if that makes you happy, then no. Choose the answer. I said yes. (laughter.)

    Q. Imagine it's 2009 and this little fairy comes to you and says, You're going to win one tournament, but you have to choose: Wimbledon or Roland Garros. Which one?

    ROGER FEDERER: I don't want to answer these stupid questions anymore. They're too stupid.

  4. nice - there he doesn't sound mentally drained but pissed. he does need intensity (anger) in his game to challenge rafa and nole now.

    let's see what happens now - can't wait!

  5. "imagine a little fairy..." - journalists are brave to go asking cranky people such fantastical stuff, right after a loss. "imagine a little fairy..." - would they ask Mike Tyson that? :)


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