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Monday, June 2, 2008

Quote of the Day: Sharapova

I can’t please everyone. It’s not in my job description. I’m an athlete, and I go out there and fight my heart out. They paid the ticket to watch me, so they must appreciate me on some level, right?

- Maria "Shriek"apova on the negative crowd reaction to her over-shrieking after today's loss to Dinara Safina

The French crowd is notorious for eating their own alive nevermind a visiting baller so take their reaction with a grain of salt. Plus, you aren't the first to be booed by the Frenchies and then loved again (right Serena?) But Maria, you're shrieking can be off the charts even when you're not hitting hard so accept your fate!

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  1. Her shrieking is so ridiculous. When I've seen her at US Open she is so deafening I've sometimes left the match early. I don't buy that she can't keep it at some sort of minimum. I understand some grunting here and there but a noise like that on every. single. point...?

  2. Like both Williams', her shrieking gets louder the more intense the point, or more under pressure she feels. If it were uncontrollable she'd do it on the same level every point. However, she's (& the Williams girls) been doing it for so long it is probably impossible to stop now. WTA had a chance yrs ago with Seles to put a stop to it. But they didn't. Sadly, we've reaped what we've sown.

  3. i think it's how she deals with nerves - the more tense the moment, the more nerves come into play, the shriekier maria (and other girls) get

  4. no the shrieking is to intimidate the opponent-i think many players(and especially yesterday) wanna just punch her in the face for that

  5. she is ridiculous...

  6. Re: Anonymous "If it were uncontrollable she'd do it on the same level every point." ... That's a logical statement because......

  7. She's arrogant. How does she know they paid to see HER and not Safina or whoever match was after/before hers?


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