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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quote of the Day: Nole on Fed

New names are coming, fresh talented players who believe more they can win against him and I am one of them. Suddenly he is worried a little bit.

- Novak Djokovic on Roger Federer's recent on-court struggles

Worried? Here goes Nole and his Tourette's again. The Serb loves playing mind games in the press, huh? Let's just hope he can put a Wimbledon title where his mouth is...

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  1. let's hope he doesn't get a wimbledon title! i'm wondering if he's going to shake the arrogance and become a mature man, ala agassi, or if he's just going to keep getting worse. this time last year i still found him charming. now i wish he would just play tennis and shut up.

  2. Since when saying the truth or speaking out what everybody is thinking is arrogance? I think Nole has a point. Fed just has to prove everybody is wrong. That's all.

    Can't wait to see Nadal vs. Fed final.

  3. Let's hope that was just a wrong use of "term". That said, I am still not a fan of Novak.

  4. i love when ballers speak out but i hardly think fed is "worried"...i mean he is the 5-time defending champion on his fave surface. if he's going to feel the most confident it's at wimby.

    nole just likes to stir the pot - it gets him in the press and that's clearly where he love to be. the way he works the press reminds me of how boxers go about taunting their opponents before a match.

  5. I love the drama! I think it's funny that Nole keeps talking crap about Fed (although of course I'm a big Roger fan!). It's kinda childish, and reveals a level of Roger obsession I thought only us fans were capable of. It's actually not too helpful for him, I think. Roger isn't scared of Nole. Do you think Nole will ever talk crap about Rafa, or is he worried Rafa will beat him up? I personally, would not want to piss Rafa off.

    Rafa's the bigger long term threat to Nole, just given their similar ages.

  6. Djoko couldn't even handle Nadal in Queen's final.

  7. djoko is seriously obsessed with federer, and yes, he should be more worried bout nadal. nadal PWNED djoko on clay and grass.

  8. I kinda wish this kid would shut up already instead of harping on about Fed's year. No matter the topic he's gotta mention Rog's struggle. "I like my chances at Wimby and Fed's losing. I won a grand slam and Fed's losing. It's a great year for tennis and Fed's losing. I'm a mouthy child in need of some f-ing media training and Fed's losing."


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