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Monday, June 30, 2008

Quote of the Day: Jankovic

I was almost playing in the parking lot. I almost need a helicopter to go to my court.

- Jelena Jankovic on playing (and losing) on court 18 to Tamarine Tanasugarn

Oh JJ. You were so ornery today and it had nothing to do with the court you were playing on. You've had injuries at every Grand Slam this year and your fellow Serbs have grabbed all the attention you crave so much - it must be frustrating.

Get it together!

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  1. Yeah, what you said!

    Jelena, I love you, but come on. This was your chance. And you blew it. Okay, there's that pesky knee injury. OKay, those Williams girls could be trouble. But now you will never know what might have been, will you?

  2. The helicopter comment's pretty funny!

  3. Jelena is an all around solid player but I don't see that she has that one big weapon in her game to push her over the hump.

  4. Ridiculous! If you want to play with the big boys (and girls) you have to get over what court you're on deal with the matter at hand: the game. There were matches at Roland Garros where Rafa didn't get on Chatrier - and you can bet he wasn't crying over his croissant.

    It's too bad. She had a good chance to really go through this one and blew it. I don't like where her mental state is headed. She was much better when she had a smile on.

  5. she's out of control. what's interesting is that she usually takes these things in stride but i'm thinking she's starting to feel the pressure...pressure because of what nole + ana have done.

    she's falling into the clijsters, mauresmo group where she could become no. 1 without winning a slam first. she plays too much and does well in smaller tourneys but can't keep it all together for seven straight matches as a slam.

    but i think she could "myskina" a slam - y'know, sneak one onto her resume if the draw falls her way and most likely at the french.

  6. I agree that she's feeling the pressure. She should know that she's going to be #1 in a few weeks because AI isn't playing LA, which she won last year, so with that loss of points JJ will ascend to #1. But she knows its not just about being #1. She knows she hasn't earned it yet and that she needs a slam. I could see how its starting to get to her.

    Hope she gets out of London before those FHMs with Ana on the cover hit the stands......


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