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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quote of the Day: Jankovic

No, I will have some dinner and maybe get drunk or do something. I don't know. Whatever makes me feel better.

- An extremely disappointed Jelena Jankovic after her semifinal loss to compatriot Ana Ivanovic at Roland Garros today

JJ, your time will come - strengthen your serve and body and you'll no doubt grab a big one.

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  1. This one has to hurt. A lot. :( She definitely had her chances. Ana played more like she wanted the win though. Now my super womens final is in place. :)

  2. mos def - at the end the baller who wanted it more was ana. she totally deserves it. but jj will have her chances i think.

  3. She will definitely have a slam to her name one day. I would love to see her do it here at the US Open.

  4. As long as she keeps putting herself in position to get close, the odds, I think, will be in her favor. Something that can help her now, too: If Ana stays number one, then at least most of the time at majors, they'll be on opposite halves of the draw, with 1 and 4 usually on one side and 2 and 3 on the other.

    It's something to grasp on to!


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